Monday Madness on Tuesday

Sometimes Tim and Scott like to remind people that the Supreme Executive Committee is, well, supreme. Thus we are releasing Monday Madness this week on Tuesday. Whatever you do, don't call it Tuesday Madness. It's definitely got a Monday vibe.

This week's episode covers a dramatic contest in the march to the Saintly Sixteen. And Scott makes an inside joke, funny only for people who have read Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologiae. All that and more in just six fun-filled minutes of this extra-special Tuesday edition of Monday Madness.

Remember you can always watch the back catalog of Monday Madness episodes if you are looking for something to do as we head toward Holy Week.

This is here for social media sharing, or as the pattern for your next needlepointed altar rail kneeler.

Monday Madness screen grab


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14 comments on “Monday Madness on Tuesday”

  1. A running joke in the tv series Madam Secretary is her religious scholar husband’s groan inducing line “ Thomas Aquinas walks into a bar”. After six seasons we finally hear the punchline : “You win summa, you lose summa”.
    Yep, that bad. I really don’t care who wins now. Thomas is the man.

  2. Great fun! Thanks for such a neat, informative Lenten activity. This is my first Lenten Madness season but I hope to participate in many more. I'm all for a purple carpet at the Oscars. And the music at the end was awesome!!

  3. I tried to vote yesterday on my iPhone but I couldn't get the post to load from the main page. I kept getting a white page where I should have gotten the content of the post, so I didn't get to vote. 🙁 But at least when I got to read it tonight on my MacBook I saw that if I had been able to vote I would have voted with the majority, and a vast majority it was.

    Is it possible that the "extra" votes for Jerome were coming from libraries? He is the patron saint of libraries and librarians. The shared computers at libraries could be used by many different people over the course of the day.

    Maybe some day I will see both Saint Jerome and Saint Fred of the Neighborhood on the list of previous Golden Halo winners. (A girl can dream.)

  4. Not surprised that Jerome is grumpy. Translating a bible would make anyone grumpy as you cannot enjoy or be enlightened by the words you are transcribing (especially into Latin).

    Thanks guys - I truly enjoyed this Lent Madness on Tuesday.

  5. I have been able to receive Lent Madness in my email and vote, once of course, each day until this morning. The readings are not available in my inbox, just the message No RSS items found. What should I do?

  6. Hilarious, as always! Lent Madness never fails to delight, entertain, and inform. And absolutely I make voting my number one priority during Lent – number one after daily scripture reading and prayer, online Bible study, churchgoing, almsgiving, fasting. Of these Lent Madness is actually the most fun, and definitely way better than not eating food.