Celebrity Blogger Days (part 2)

We continue our introductions of this year’s lineup of Celebrity Bloggers. Following Part 1 of this little exercise, we finish things up with the aptly named Part 2. Again, we’re asking our faithful crew to share a picture doing something they love; ask what most excites them about Lent Madness 2022; and find out if there’s anything they’d like to promote.

To see the full group and read their bios, click here.

You can usually find David Creech wearing a bicycle helmet.

What most excites you about Lent Madness 2022? I am excited for the madness. The close calls. The surprise upsets. The impassioned pleas for votes. The sweet victories. Mostly, though, I am excited to learn about the joys and travails of being human and the messiness of what it means to be faithful to God.

Anything you’d like to promote? I’ve got nothing to plug except a certain rector who is in the running to be Bishop of Southwest Florida. [editor’s note: surprisingly enough, that would be Tim]

Here’s Miriam McKenney with her girls at a BTS pop-up shop in Chicago. As she
puts it, “stanning and being with my daughters are two of my favorite things.” (What BTS? A Korean boy band. Mic drop).

What most excites you about Lent Madness 2022? What most excites me about LM 2022 is what excites me every year: learning more about saints I’ve never heard of. I’m always better for the edification Lent Madness puts out, the weirder the better.

Anything you’d like to promote? I don’t do much so I got nothing to promote.

David Hansen is a cat guy. If he’s not preaching or teaching, chances are he’s hanging out with the cats.

What most excites you about Lent Madness 2022? Overlooked in the past, this is the year of the patron saint of Coffee. Surely, equipped with Father Tim’s coffee book and a strong cup of joe, this is Saint Drogo’s year!

Anything you’d like to promote? During the pandemic, I have increased my work as a coach of congregations and clergy seeking renewal. Check out digitalpastor.org.


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Monday Madness -- February 28, 2022

Anticipation of the start of Lent Madness XIII this Thursday couldn't be higher! Tim and Scott are back with the last pre-season episode of Monday Madness to share some BREAKING NEWS! God and technology willing, a new Lent Madness website will launch today or tomorrow. Hear more about it -- including some hot new features -- on this week's show!

The new website (at this very same URL!) will add many features. It looks great on any device. It has better email delivery features. Perhaps most exciting, it has a built-in feature where you can put in your bracket picks and track your success compared with Lent Madness fans all over the world, nay, the universe.

They also talk about a fun interview with Ryan Dunn on the Pastoring in the Digital Parish Podcast. Ryan is on the denominational communications team for the United Methodist Church, so it was great to build some ecumenical bridges with this whacky devotion.

Lastly, there's a shout-out to David Simmons and his gift to the Lent Madness global viewing public. David has created a sticker sheet that prints on standard Avery 5160 label paper. You can use these stickers to mark up your giant bracket poster if you don't like looking at your own chick-scratch handwriting and prefer the high-quality professional image that Lent Madness deserves.


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Celebrity Blogger Days (part 1)

In the days leading up to the start of Lent Madness 2022, we're taking a moment to highlight the amazing Celebrity Bloggers who will bring alive our 32 saintly souls. Our talented stable of writers have their laptops at the ready and are amped up for an exciting battle for the Golden Halo.

The only thing we ask is that when you run into them in the grocery store or in church, please respect their privacy. It's hard to believe, but they're human beings just like the rest of us. When you meet them in public, you may notice they're wearing masks -- this is mostly to hide from the seasonal adulation.

This exercise is intended merely to humanize these paragons of the penitential. We've asked for three items: a photo that shows them doing something they love; a brief answer to the question, "What most excites you about Lent Madness 2022?"; and whether there's anything they'd like to promote? (broadly defined).

To read their full bios, click here.


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Monday Madness -- February 21, 2022

Fire up your novenas, it's just nine days until Lent Madness XIII begins! Tim and Scott are back with essential pre-season viewing on this week's episode of Monday Madness. Among other things, they highlight some of the big-time saints in this year's epic bracket.

Since most of the Lent Madness merch is sold out, the product placement is limited this week, for a change. However, they do point out that you can order a Saintly Scorecard for your Kindle, and Tim graciously offers to sign your device. You can, of course, play Lent Madness for free.


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Monday Madness -- February 7, 2022

After a two-week break for the hardest working Lenten script writers in the business to create more brilliant dialogue, Tim and Scott are back with another Emmy-worthy episode of Monday Madness. In the interim, the producers and key grips also put the Supreme Executive Committee back in their places (with Scott on the left and Tim on the right). That sound you hear is the world breathing a collective sigh of relief.

The Lentorium's shelves are getting bare, so make sure you order your Lent Madness merch right away! You can order your giant bracket posters or Saintly Scorecards at this very moment.

While you're waiting for Lent Madness to kick off in 23 days, now's a good time to Google all the saints on the bracket and learn all about them. It's also a good time to decide which saint you'll dress up as when you go to church (zoom OR in person) during Lent. If that's not exciting enough for you, you can always binge-watch the entire oeuvre of Monday Madness. We're on our eleventh season of pure penitential gold.


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Monday Madness -- January 24, 2022

It's the moment you've been waiting for! Tim and Scott are back with an action-packed episode to kick off the 2022 Lent Madness season. Besides the usual delightful, yet appropriately penitential repartee, the members of the Supreme Executive Committee cover such important topics as online devotional safety and appropriate gifts for Valentine's Day. All that and more! Much, much more...

Although playing Lent Madness is, like grace, absolutely free, you can still add to the experience. If you want your own Absalom Jones Golden Halo 2021 commemorative mug, order it today. Stock, unlike grace, is limited. Update! The mugs are now sold out. Stay tuned to order your 2022 Golden Halo mug.

And you can get Saintly Scorecards (individual or bulk price) or bracket posters too. Unlike some items that have skyrocketed in price during the pandemic, the Lentorium still offers incredible bargains with no supply chain issues.

With just 37 days until the Lent Madness 2022 kickoff, it's time to start preparing by studying up on the saints and telling all your friends & neighbors about the world's largest (and best) online Lenten devotion.

Yes, we're back for another year of saintly thrills and spills. We hope you'll join us for another exciting Lenten adventure. Oh, and if you'd like to preview which saints made this year's bracket, click here.


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Happy All Brackets' Day!

Following the heady days of Nominationtide, and the submission of hundreds of saintly nominations from the Lent Madness faithful, the Supreme Executive Committee is pleased to release the highly anticipated 2022 Lent Madness bracket. Following their Spring Retreat, held in a socially-distanced, secure, undisclosed Zoom room, amid the consumption of massive amounts of single origin black coffee, Tim and Scott whittled the field to 32 saints, who will compete for the coveted Golden Halo.

This year's bracket is broken up into four themed quadrants -- Martyrs & Mystics, Theologians & Thinkers, Healers & Helpers, and the ever popular Confusion Corner, which debuted last year. While you may have many favorites among the contestants, there does not appear to be a runaway favorite in this year's contest. Which means it's anybody's bracket to win! Well, you have to be in the bracket. And dead. And a saint...

But enough of this yakking. Let’s get to the 2022 bracket!


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