Monday Madness -- 2016 Season Premiere

It's hard to believe, but the time is here! Gather your loved ones at the computer and watch the Supreme Executive Committee in the season premiere of Monday Madness. For the first time ever, Tim and Scott appear in 720p high-def full color! More important, in this episode, they exclusively reveal never-before-seen details of the 2016 Saintly Scorecard, the definitive guide to Lent Madness.

You can get your own Saintly Scorecard by visiting the Lentorium or directly at Forward Movement's web showcase. The Saintly Scorecard is a bargain at $3 for one, and a steal at $2 each for 10 or more. It's insane at only $1 when you purchase 25 or more. LentoriumSo head over to the website and buy now! While you're there, make sure you stock up on giant bracket posters, mugs, pint glasses, t-shirts, and even Golden Halo Flying Discs. If you don't love Jesus enough to spend your hard-earned cash in the Lentorium, you can download a free PDF of the bracket to study. Despite the fact the it's free, the SEC has provided this bracket in color!

Make sure you watch the whole episode, in which Scott tells you how to make use of your expired Christmas Tree and Tim dishes on his new eyewear. It's an unmissable episode of the world's greatest video series on the world's greatest online Lenten devotion. In an epic display of gallantry, neither Scott or Tim mentions being snubbed at the Golden Globes.


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16 comments on “Monday Madness -- 2016 Season Premiere”

  1. I'm so excited! That's somebody's theme song but I've forgotten the group...along with lots of other things. It will be so exciting to be part of the 2016 LENT MADNESS since I was in rehab after heart surgery in 2015. On with the show! Only 30 days to go!

    1. "I'm So Excited" is a song by the Pointer Sisters - it turned up in "National Lampoon's 'Vacation,'" among other things.

  2. I rush to meet my mail carrier every day. He thinks I have a crush on him but in fact I am checking for my saintly for my pre-ordered saintly scorecard.

  3. If I registered 2 years ago, and received the Season Premiere Email, do I need to register again for 2016 Lenten Madnesss?

  4. I am not ready for Lent...yet...when do they come back from Egypt or is that even pertinent...HMMMM...and why does "What star is this" keep rattling around in my head?????

    1. They came back from Egypt on the Second Sunday After Christmas Day, according to the first Gospel option for that Sunday. As for "What Star is This", Epiphany is hard to let go, I know.

  5. Dare I hang a Saintly Scorecard from my virge for all in my congregation to see? I have already created purple chain from which to hang the sword/cross that goes around my neck.