Monday Madness: Celebrity Blogger Week Edition

As Celebrity Blogger Week kicks off today, Tim and Scott bring you another action-packed episode of Monday Madness. This week, they talk about Celebrity Blogger Week and the burden of the Lentarazzi that our Celebrity Bloggers face. However, if you are lucky enough to spot one of our Celebrity Bloggers in person, they'll probably agree to sign an autograph for you. You can look forward to a different featured Celebrity Blogger every day this "week" until we finish all eleven of our rock Lent stars.

Oh, yeah. It wouldn't be Monday Madness without shameless commercial promotion. This week though, it's getting urgent. Make sure you buy your Saintly Scorecards (individual, bulk price, or eBook) and giant bracket posters while supplies last. We usually run out before Lent!

If you haven't invited every person you know, and at least a couple of total strangers, to like Lent Madness on Facebook and follow Lent Madness on Twitter, you're not doing your job! If you've been calling your Senators and Representatives, go ahead and mention Lent Madness while they're on the phone. Get to it!

Remember, it's only 16 days until Ash Thursday. There's not much time to strategize your bracket, evangelize your friends, and synergize your wallet at the Lentorium!

This image is here for social media sharing. Never mind. But since you looked anyway, why not enjoy LentMadnessTV?

Monday Madness Feb 13 2017


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9 comments on “Monday Madness: Celebrity Blogger Week Edition”

  1. I have converted the Presbyterian Pastor I work for to Lent Madness. He asked why I didn't have my bracket up last week. I explained I was planning to wait until February but he insisted I post it and have extras printed out for people to pick up for their personal use. Now I talked him into ordering a Saintly Scorecard!

  2. My church is into the brackets!! Everyone is getting their book and we have the big poster ready to go. Helps that many are sports nuts.

    1. I think it DOES mean we don't have to give up anything. We can eat all the chocolate we want. No bunny ears will be safe from us...nibble...nibble...nibble.

  3. Received the Scorecards and the large poster today -- ordered less than a week ago!!! Now all I have to do is figure out where to hang one in the Sunday School Wing and one for the Parish Hall.
    The booklets are wonderful!!!

  4. Pleease don't shut down this Madness! I've only just found you! This is our first year, all booklets and bracket ready. We truly need this boost of faith and fun as we have had sad times recently. Pleease!!!

  5. I love the bulletin insert! Do you have a grayscale version that doesn’t turn the saints into blobs of black ink. My church doesn’t have a color printer?