BREAKING: Lent Madness Panned on Facebook

As people worldwide choose today between Raymond Nonnatus and John of Nepomuk, an unseemly event has taken place to rock the placid sanctity of everybody's favorite online Lenten devotion.

In the first great controversy of Lent Madness 2017, the Supreme Executive Committee has learned that someone gave Lent Madness a 2 out of 5 star rating on our Facebook page. This shocking development comes amid an average grade of 4.8 stars, with over 200 reviews already in.

Without using names, here is the actual review:

2 Stars -- It's fun as well as informative. I know you will enjoy reading each day' s blog during the Lenton (sic) season. There is a diverse roster of celebrity blogers (sic).

Now, it's conceivable that the reviewer in question simply clicked the wrong button on the star feature. The words don't exactly match what you'd expect to see in a 2-star rating. But this doesn't take away from the scandalous nature of this ignominious slander of the world's most popular online Lenten devotion.

So, what can you do to help remedy this situation, dear friend of Lent Madness? Why, you can post your own review on the Lent Madness Facebook page! First "like" the page by clicking here. Then scroll down on the right side of the page to the section titled "Share your opinion about Lent Madness!" Click the number of stars you'd rate us (hint: five; but be honest) and leave a comment if you feel so moved.

Together, we can correct this travesty of justice and restore the reputation of Lent Madness. Your stars matter!


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69 comments on “BREAKING: Lent Madness Panned on Facebook”

  1. Grace, it is just a personal choice of a conscientious observer. Next year, perhaps...

    1. Yes, It was a Star of One-der! (That's wonder, not o-nee-der for "That Thing You Do!" fans :))

  2. You get 5 from me. Some people cannot be satisfied unless they knock someone else down. Hisssssssssss, Boooooooo! Whoever you are. Not funny.

  3. That's just not very nice. You guys are hilarious and make learning about these people very fun. I give you a 5 for sure!

  4. Face facts: "celebrity" is dependent on who is celebrating what. Ok, the writers for Lent Madness are not Lindsey Lohan / Caitlyn Jenner league celebrities, but Lent Madness DOES have people WE celebrate, and who deserve to be celebrated for reasons WE feel are important, writing up the entries and comments.
    Some people claim that Christians are narrow-minded, but anyone who thinks that the only way a person is entitled to the title of "celebrity" is to be on the cover of People magazine... has a mind that has very narrowly defined the word "celebrity"... aka, is narrow-minded.
    Peace. And 5-stars..

  5. I really enjoy Lent Madness
    Fun way to learn of saints we are unfamiliar with. Let the Madness continue.

  6. I bet the person meant to hit 4 stars and got the rating backward. I give the fb page 5 stars

  7. I just LOVE Lent Madness! You two are such fun, hilarious priests! I give you 5-stars for

  8. I'd've thought a celebrity bloger would simply be an American misspelling of something to do with Quidditch.

    1. No, that's a "bludger." Cormac McLaggen (who only thought he was a celebrity) hit one at Harry Potter in "Half-Blood Prince." You might be thinking of a boggart but that's not exactly right either. A boggart might choose to assume the appearance of a celebrity.

      1. Since my American friends misspell honour, labour, colour and neighbour, I thought they may also misspell bludger. (That was the joke, you see.)

  9. I'm enjoying Lent madness. Unfortunately, I have to go to the webpage to participate. Multiple tries to activate my email have been unsuccessful. Can something be done to correct the situation?

  10. Oh come on~you can handle 2 stars among all the previous 4& 5's!! I think Christ got a couple bad reviews as did many of the saints you've posted did in their time...Lent madness is fun! Keep it that way. Everyone is allowed to feel what they do......& like you said it was most likely in error.

  11. Love Lent Madness as a first time participant. Adds to my Lenten devotional experience.

  12. A delightful way to start the day
    with chuckles and saintly capers!
    It's so much fun,
    don't come undone
    because of poorly writ 'papers.'

    I know, I know. . . but it rhymed! Build on it! LOL

  13. Hey! Who won yesterday--Raymond or John?? Can't find it, and Monday is 48 hours away!

  14. This is yet another reason I am so, so glad I'm not on Facebook nor Twitter. Why would you take this seriously? In the aeons of God's time, what does a small thing like Facebook really matter? Ask yourself why this matters so much. The SEC has a place in my heart: charming, funny and deeply committed Christians. What else matters?

  15. Hmmm, heightened sensitivity to (perceived) negative comment, attempts to manipulate the, obviously dishonest press which falsely reported the 2 stars, "violent" knee jerk reaction to ONE "negative" comment. . . . Is our beloved SEC nefariously signalling a shift of policy alignment? If they were not so obsessed with bogus conspiracy theories, the SEC could just deny the 2 star rating exists, that is, unless there is a hidden agenda. . . . And, given Malcolm French's comment above, I suspect that we have been hacked by the Brits! Is the SEC complicit in that hacking as suggested by Dave Clinton? Enquiring minds want to know!

  16. You people off Facebook for Lent? I've been off Facebook for two years. I dislike the FB culture.