"Monday" Madness -- January 16, 2018

Tim and Scott may not be able to turn water into wine, but one of the great advantages of being Supreme is the ability to change Tuesday into Monday. Because yesterday was a holiday (celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr., prophet and sometime Lent Madness competitor), Tim and Scott are releasing Monday Madness on Tuesday.

Yes, folks, we are entering Lent Madness high season. Ash Thursday is February 15! Which means you can now look forward to weekly videos to put you in the Lenten mood and prepare for the Madness that is to come.

We suggest you dim the purple lights and head over to the bracket page of the website to find out who's in this year's competition and when they are competing. You can study the saints on Wikipedia, in your public library, or by wandering through European cathedrals. Of course, we would be remiss if we didn't also tell you about the fabulous Saintly Scorecard. It's a steal at just three bucks. You can buy them in bulk for $2 each, and if you buy 30 or more copies, they're just a dollar each (sold in sets of 10). The scorecard is also available for your favorite e-reader (Kindle, Nook, and iBooks).

You can also either print your own personal bracket or buy a giant bracket poster.

Whatever you do, make sure you're getting ready for Lent Madness!

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14 comments on “"Monday" Madness -- January 16, 2018”

  1. Well, it's nigh onto the event of the year-LENT MADNESS and am I ready? Of course not. Ash Wednesday is fast approaching so I'd best hustle and get a move on. Power to the Padres !

  2. Ash Wednesday is actually February 14th - the same as Valentine's Day. But I am looking forward to another Lent Madness

    1. yes .. Google .. tim and scott are rather strange .. just political links or non-interesting looking titles .. definitely nothing cheerful

      but, reverse the names and you get a nice gold nugget ..

      scott and tim are rather strange .. more politics, but also a gospel a cappella video .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWb4SHdfpJM .. lovely singing

  3. After Tim and Scott's video finished, Youtube briefly showed me two options for further videos .. cough, sorry .. not likely many would also see Sam Heughan (Outlander fame) making rude gestures with certain fingers alongside The Spitfire's Fatal Flaw .. ooh, decisions, decisions .. I guess I need the practice for Lent Madness voting!