Anna Alexander vs. Eglantyne Jebb

Today marks the fourth and final matchup of the Elate Eight as Anna Alexander takes on Eglantyne Jebb. To make it this far, Anna made it past Peter Claver and Edith Cavell while Eglantyne cruised past both Seraphim of Sarov and Catherine Winkworth.

Yesterday Maria Skobtsova swept away Martin de Porres and will face Esther in the next round. So the Faithful Four is nearly set: Maria, Esther, Richard Hooker it's your job to complete this sentence!

Then take a deep cleansing breath and get ready for the last three battles of Lent Madness 2018. On Monday and Tuesday it's the Faithful Four. And then on Spy Wednesday the scene will be set as we collectively crown the Golden Halo winner. The end is near!

Anna Alexander

As we have learned, Deaconess Alexander exemplifies the pursuit of brotherly love no matter your circumstances in life.

Let’s step back in time as we walk through the Georgia Kudzu to find the church where Deaconess Anna Alexander is buried and where she spent much of her ministry:

Good Shepherd Church and School is such an awesome vacation destination that our own Presiding Bishop Michael Curry took time out of his busy schedule to visit the place of Deaconess Alexander’s ministry. He gives it a Bishop’s “thumbs up” and now all Episcopalians across the globe will be flocking to this new “must-do” locale:

ChurchBishop Curry at church







Although he gave the school his enthusiastic bishop approval, Bishop Curry is probably thankful he didn’t have to sit in these desks as a student. You can almost hear the voice of Deaconess Alexander telling her class to “pipe down.”

Anna's studentsDeaconess Alexander’s former students can attest that her love for them was tempered by an indomitable will that brooked no argument. These students were here to learn to read, write, and love the Lord.

bug repellent



If you find yourself on a pilgrimage to George, make sure you take some mosquito repellent. You’ll thank me later. Not only does it repel mosquitos, but chiggers too!

While in town, make sure you try some sweet Georgia peaches:
…Nothing could be finer.Peanut stand



And stop at the corner to grab some Hot Boiled Peanuts. We are sure they were Deaconess Alexander’s favorite.

Finally, when the heat gets so hot you want to slap a brother, grab yourself some sweet ice tea, a rocking chair, and a fan; set yourself down and say a little prayer for people like Deaconess Alexander who has taught us how to be better people, just by her example. Vote #TeamAnna

- Anna Fitch Courie


Eglantyne Jebb

"The world is not ungenerous, but unimaginative and very busy," Eglantyne Jebb famously said.

So Jebb became the first to take out full-page newspaper advertisements to promote the work of a charitable organization for Save the Children, which she founded in 1919 in England. She also became the first to enlist celebrities to promote a cause.

Save the Children and its supporters continue that imaginative tradition with their own saintly kitsch.

You can celebrate Jebb’s life’s work and Christmas at the same time every December 15 on Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day. That’s British for “Ugly Christmas Sweater Day,” and it’s celebrated by wearing your kitchiest knits — and donating £2 to the organization. Also for the occasion, Save the Children sells “Jumper for Joy” buttons, tote bags emblazoned with cats and dogs in their own festive apparel and — of course — tea towels.

Tote bag-dog in a sweater

Hand Towels

Tote-Cat in sweater






T shirt
In the meantime, you can don fan-created “Keep Calm and Save the Children” T shirts, hoodies, baby onesies and aprons sold on The Keep Calm-O-Matic, which marries the ability to sell your own customizable products with the British motivational poster popularized by a million Pinterest knock-offs. You can even get it printed on a teddy bear or a smartphone case.


Toe nails with logoOr you can give yourself a pedicure featuring some Save the Children nail art.





There is, sadly, a dearth of kitsch featuring Jebb herself, but you can take in a one-woman show about her life. The play, simply titled “Eglantyne,” was written and performed by Anne Chamberlain. It premiered in New Zealand in 2014 and since has toured the United Kingdom, including a stop at Jebb’s childhood home.

RosesThe gardeners among us also can grow their own Eglantyne roses, something to keep in mind should Jebb go on to face Phocas the Gardener in the Faithful 4.



-Emily Miller

Anna Alexander vs. Eglantyne Jebb

  • Anna Alexander (55%, 3,457 Votes)
  • Eglantyne Jebb (45%, 2,845 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,302

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119 comments on “Anna Alexander vs. Eglantyne Jebb”

  1. Thought our writers did a great job giving us charming writeups. Hard choice. I went with Anna, a true grass roots woman.

  2. Anna Alexander (can't abide that deaconess thing) would approve strongly, of a wonderful place n LaGrange Georgia called Biblical History Center. Go there and be steeped (just like the sweet tea) in the history and world of Jesus. No denomination clap trap — just Jesus. While in LaGrange, get extraordinary potato soup and peach cobbler washed down with sweet tea at Hog Heaven. Boiled peanuts while you wait — just throw the shells on the floor. Now that's HEAVEN and she'd agree. Go Anna!

    1. Really disappointed in the crop this year where minor women have blown out very important church influences, some with debatable faults. While we all fall short of the glory of God, the trend still seems to be politics verses worthiness, mimicking society. Sigh.

      1. I agree Linda. Feels like "you go girl" seems to have trumped (oops... bad choice of words there) almost any other attribute this year, spiritual or otherwise.

        1. minor women? If we had more "minor" women , or men or their ilk when ya get down to it, we wouldn't be in the state that we are world wise. A minor woman would have smacked a few "major" men (in their own minds) up side the head and taught them manners/grace/courtesy/common sense/etc.

          1. Right on, sister! I don't see Anna or Maria S. or Eglantyne as "minor" in their faith, their works and their lasting influence.

      2. Linda,

        I've been somewhat disappointed in the outcomes of some of the matches. I was sad that Peter didn't go further than he did. BUT: There are no "minor" men or women in God's world. Peter and the other disciples/apostles were all "minor" people when Jesus chose them to follow him. For me, that's one of the glories of the Christian message. Peter was an ordinary, unsung, and flawed human being called to do extraordinary things.

        Both Anna, for whom I voted, and Eglantine are worthy indeed to be considered among the best and brightest.

  3. If the PB visits Deaconess(Yech! with you Donna) Anna, that's good enough for me. I grew up with an Eastern North Carolina priest who slaved and groveled and begged to get a camp for black Episcopal kids like me.....well, ME and others so that we could have summer camp experiences. What our Church denied us, clergy like Anna and Fr. Johnson from St. Mark's in Wilson NC worked to provide. She gets my vote today and is a winner however the vote turns out. She's MY LentMadness winner-Gold all the way !

    1. I am personally thankful for deaconesses. It was a deaconess in the Bronx who brought my mother and her sisters into the church, so I can trace my own Episcopal roots back to her. I know the institution was unfair, but it was the best the church could do 150 years ago (not everyone approved), and the women who enlisted (I have met a couple) were proud of their service.

      1. Yes, please do not disrespect deaconesses. Many of us who were born at the wrong time - too late to be deaconesses, too early to be deacons - would have given almost anything to be deaconesses. We love the Lord, and love a Church that didn't/doesn't always return that love

  4. Dearth of kitsch on these two! Both worthy women for whom I have voted, and today my vote goes to Anna for the tougher odds she faced.

  5. Well, looking back means a clarification is in order,,,,the PB did NOT visit the late great Deaconess, but the site where she served. It is a little after my morning meal and while burping and belching , I lost my train of thought, He is not resurrecting, only visiting and praying over her remains and, I hope, praying she earns that golden crown.

  6. I wish I could get that T-shirt for tomorrow's march. I'll buy them for my family and probably other stuff too. Save the Children is doing well. They are truly impressive with the sheer number of children they help globally. I'm sure they need money. But, hey, Anna used her gifts to the fullest and then some. I can't imagine how many people she lifted out of poverty and ignorance over the generations. It was a miracle she was made a deaconess, as a black woman. I want to know more about her story. Now, she'll be voted on at General Convention! Wow. Have to help that happen. Plus, two of my sons were born in Atlanta and one of them lives in Dawsonville. We have lots of relatives all over GA and they're all coming to visit in June. Here's to Anna!!!

  7. I second the recommendation of mosquito and bug repellant when visiting the sights and sounds of the Georgia coast! Anna gets my vote!

    1. Go inland — visit LaGrange and Biblical History Center. I've never had mosquities there

  8. Our CBs really had their work cut out for them today! Good job! And what a challenge for Lent Madness voters: Two turn-of-the-century Anglican women who worked to better the lives of children. I predict there are a lot of heads exploding this morning over this decision. As for me and my house, we're sticking with our fellow Georgian. Hooray Anna!

  9. It was the comments today that decided my vote, because the kitsch didn’t grab me today (well, the comment about people being generous and the ugly jumpers were great, but that’s not my vote). Hearing from folks affected by Deacness Anna—now THAT was powerful.

  10. both great, and I root for deacons, but Eglantyne worked for children and didn't really like them, as I recall--loving your enemy is one thing, caring for the person who really annoys you because (well, fill in your own reasons)..I can think of a lot, and, alas, the people who embody them. But I do my best to care about them and see their worth. I think that's what she did. Plus, I'm a knitter.

    1. Agree with you on that.If you're going to help save the children,you need to love them for who & what
      They are,the children can be future priests,nuns,deacons. Who to say future politicians or president.
      You can't have an organization to help kids but to dislike them.
      My vote is for Anna all the way

  11. Anna Fitch Courie did an excellent write up in terms of promoting Georgia tourism, but this Anna made no mention of kitsch in relation to that Anna.

    Emily Miller did a good job finding kitsch connected to Eglantyne"s life work, but didn't update the last paragraph to reflect the loss of Phocas to Richard Hooker.

    I'm from the City of Roses and I shall have to see if there are any Eglantyne roses in the International arose Test Garden, but though the rose and the actual presence of kitsch lures me to vote for Eglantyne, I've decided to vote for Anna, who worked also to save children despite starting from a position that lacked Eglantyne's social-economical status and white privilege.

    1. Thanks for the link; it helped me to vote for Anna. Plus sweet tea and "These students were here to learn to read, write, and love the Lord."

  12. Anna it is. Oh and by the way, Thistle Farms Rose Geranium is a fabulous and effective repellent, plus it is produced in nearby TN...Love Heals!

  13. Both are great candidates, but as a deacon I am voting for my fellow Deaconess, Anna Alexander.

  14. Anna is one of the two new (to me) saints from this years LM that I hope to carry with me once we've completed our Lenten journeys this year. I went back and watched the video about her from the 1st round. An amazing story and well worth your time to watch-no matter who you vote for! Pour yourself a tall glass of sweet tea (and, if your lucky, BBQ from Southern Soul on St Simons Island) and celebrate the life and ministry of Anna Alexander. If it comes down to Anna and Maria for the Golden Halo it will be a very difficult choice!

  15. This one was a tough choice but decided to go with my fellow American, Anna. I am a second generation on both sides, one of them British, but I had to remain faithful to the Revolution.

  16. Too much Ado about Georgia (which I love anyway) and not enough about Anna, who i love and who gets my vote for actually having less kitsch about her than Eglantyne, who was also amazing. Go figure.

  17. Bawled peanuts (the correct pronunciation) . . . it's an acquired taste that I am sure I will never manage to acquire. Stick with the sweet tea (one glass of which could rot out a headfull of teeth).

    The coin today said Eglantyne.

    1. I'm with you on those peanuts, Victoria. What a strange food. If they like them so much they are welcome to them. However, here in PA, fighting a great and terrible battle against a thorny horror called 'multi flora rose' and finding that while Eglantyne is not the same beast it has equally nasty habits in Australia and South Africa, I'm deserting Ms Jeb on account of her name. How's that for justified voting? 🙂

      1. Beats voting for the underdog.
        Here in Jersey we have multi-flora roses too- love them! You must have different ones.

  18. Anna. A black woman deacon in the south teaching and healing. I didn't need bawled peanuts or rot-teeth tea to convince me. I consider a vote for her a crucifix in the face of all the blood-sucking swarms of mosquiteaux, er, misskeeters, no, mosquitoes.

  19. I voted for Anna today, but the ministries she began in her corner of Georgia seem to be doing well, while in the meantime children worldwide are still suffering from hunger and was and oppression and displacement. So I'm thinking that while Anna gets my vote, maybe I should go to and donate to help some children in great need today. Anyone care to join me?

  20. The vote is a toss up for me. However, we all need to support Save the Children with generous donations, blessings, and prayers.

  21. Voted for Eglantyne after reading a bit about the play.
    Also, the tea towel.
    And I hope Anna gets to be a "capital-S" saint.