Monday Madness: Coffee Edition

This week, Tim and Scott span the globe. Tim comes live from coffee country in Nicaragua. Scott is in Cincinnati. And they are both live, discussing the Elate Eight. They also warn about people who could be grumpy about this round, so the Supreme Executive Committee once again delivers the two great commandments of Lent Madness.

Check out the bracket tab as you plan your week around Lent Madness Elate Eight contests. Best thing is to vote once (and once only) but refresh your browser dozens of times an hour to check results constantly.

This is here for social media sharing. As always. Never mind...

Monday Madness screen grab


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11 comments on “Monday Madness: Coffee Edition”

  1. Thanks, guys! Keep the joviality coming. Magnificent comic relief from the constantly breaking news of who knows what's next.

  2. I have two suggestions for next year: St. Expeditus (Patron St of Procrastinators) and St. Zita of Lucca (worth a pilgrimage to see her mummy)

  3. My curiosity is getting the better of me: what is the second great comandment of Lent Madness? (By the way, I never knew that Lent could be this much fun!)

  4. Please repeat the 2 great commandments of Lent Madness. The echo was too good and I couldn't catch them. Thank you