Monday Madness -- Golden Halo Celebration Edition

It's time for the annual Easter Monday Lent Madness post-game show with Tim and Scott. This episode celebrates the victory of Martha of Bethany, winner of the 2019 Golden Halo. You'll also witness Tim messing up the intro but, well, it's Easter Monday and he's tired. Hence his drinking coffee out of a giant vat/vintage Julian of Norwich Silver Halo Winner soup tureen.

Of course, there's also product placement, namely the pre-ordering of the 2019 Golden Halo Winner Martha of Bethany Tenth Anniversary Commemorative Mug. Get yourself a mug for only $11 and sell it on eBay later for millions, if not billions. You are also reminded that there are limited quantities left of the 2018 Golden Halo Winner Anna Alexander Mug and the 2016 Golden Halo Winner Dietrich Bonhoeffer Pint Glass. And...going somewhere? Who could forget the Lent Madness Travel Mug?

But that's not all. Nope, your last gasp of Lent Madness 2019 also includes a preview of Nominationtide, the ONLY window when the Lent Madness public (that's you!) gets to suggest saints for the upcoming year of the Saintly Smackdown. Look for this brief but exciting period  coming up later in Eastertide.

This is here for social media sharing. Or you can print it out and use it as a dart board. Totally up to you.

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33 comments on “Monday Madness -- Golden Halo Celebration Edition”

  1. Please make the text larger and include a pronunciation key.

    Thank you

      1. Is there a word document listing all the saints by year that I can use for our parish. Also, are al saintly scorecards available on Amazon to keep as a keepsake?jj

        1. Quite true. So why is the fact that the saint is a woman or that it is so great that all four candidates for the Golden Halo were women so important to so many voters and ommenters?

  2. I can hardly wait for Nominationtide to begin! I have a few ideas for next year.
    As I remember, it's OK to nominate saints from earlier years as long as they didn't get the Golden Halo. And how long a time has to pass before a saint is renominated?
    Happy Eastertide!

  3. St. Bart's where? Scottsdale? If you're planning to go there, you might want think about going shortly, Tim and Scott, as it most probably will be hotter than Hades there soon.

  4. Great job, Scott and Tim! Martha of Bethany is a wonderful person to win the Golden Halo! She would not want you to spend too much time extolling her; last time I heard she was off fighting dragons in southern France. I'm glad, though, that she finally got the credit she deserved. And both of you should get credit too. You've brought a lot of learning and joy to the weeks of Lent... and that's a very good thing. Peace and blessings --

  5. Thank you both for another looney Lent. Your efforts have seen me through for three years!

  6. Sorry, Sharon Dianne Foster Pattison , first time with this madness, didn't know it was still going on, got caught up with all the Pre Easter Services, and then had a . PATTISON EASTER DINNER IN OUR NEW HOME, we invited 21 PATTISON's on the 21st of April! My birthday was April 12---doing a thing with numbers -- is this Satan trying to work thru me?
    What a joy to see our children with their cousins they handn't seen in years! I voted for Martha and was so happy that she won the Golden Halo! I have a question, who is at the 'Pearly Gates' ? --just CHRIST OR is GOD the FATHER --the SON & HOLY SPIRIT all there to greet us! One entity Christ himself!
    I would,love to,order the mug of Martha, not sure how to do that!
    God Bless all Happy Easter !.
    There is only one GOD who created all ,of us, we may all walk differently, BUT, there is only ONE creator
    And only ONE who came to save us -- only if we BELIEVE!
    Your in Christ + + +

  7. I enjoyed Lenten Madness as I have in the past. Let me reiterate my suggestion for 2020 -- consider only females so that the issue of gender (which seems to matter to many people) is removed.

    1. I have everything since 2013 in word docs (including a results sheet for each year except 2013 - the sheet for 2013 is there, but I hand wrote in most of those results for our bulletin board). I have a file folder on my computer for each year with all of the match-ups, the articles and the Monday Madness blurbs that introduced the videos, including all the pictures. I do a bulletin board each year and post everything day by day and then move it into a binder (up to 7 binders now starting to run out of room on the shelf). I can send you the files if you want them for any year from 2013 through this year. (Lent Madness: Are we allowed to do that?)

    2. I like the idea of alternating between female and male saints (like the hurricane names) every other year...2020 male only; 2021 female only; 2022 male only; etc.
      This would help remove gender (somewhat) from our deliberations.

      Would love to have input into the Martha Golden Halo mugs...really like if there are 3 dif. kinds, perhaps? The one of MARTHA DOMINATRIX with dragons really appeals to me....

      1. Why do you say it would remove gender (somewhat"? If all were female for just one year to try it out, being a female would never be a reason for voting for the candidate because all the candidates would be female!

  8. Long live Lent Madness!! The Supreme Executive Committee sounded a bit punch drunk but that’s understandable! How about a mug with your mugs?!?!?Sell them as fundraisers for your retreat to an exotic “Saint” locale!!!

  9. Thank you once again for helping make Lent extra special each year. Each year I am amazed by the many saints you have introduced us. This year was really difficult to decide for whom to vote! Can't wait for Nominationtide!!

  10. I nominate:
    St. Michael & all angels
    St. John Paul II
    Mother Theresa
    St. Anne
    St. Rachael
    St. Sarah

  11. How about coming to Idaho for your retreat instead of the heat of Arizona! St. Thomas up in Ketchum/ Sun Valley ID which is located in the Saw tooth Mountains in Central Idaho would be absolutely gorgeous and lots less heat during the Summer. Boise, ID also has St. Michael's Cathedral and of course was also where Convention was held last year. And, yes on Scottsdale, AZ I agree wholeheartedly with Karen Mallon Sharp's post . Having had two relatives one that lived in Phoenix, and the other in Sun City although not due to retirement but a job, and having done some sightseeing in Scottsdale when visiting once- about May, or June it does tend to get horribly hot and it's a very dry heat.

  12. I am raised protestant and studied Ignatius Spiritual Exercises for 12 years without knowing he is a saint or founder of Jesuit order. I was turned on to Lenten Madness by best friend Episcopal Lay Minister who is a saint on her own in this life for her ministry to people in pain discarded by other medical professionals with little faith in anything. I at your question about nominations of next years Saints. I immediately thought of the archangels and had to Google whether they are saints, and what ever happened to Lucifer... and was Judas Iscariat ever properly sanctified for doing his part by following his inner promptings, thus setting the stage for the Risen Christ?

    These ignorant questions speak to the level of curiosity and ignorance withing population of your devoted fans. The humor is remarkable and inviting, and I commend you on creating a most ingenious ministry that is now spreading through me to ministers of many Faith's, as I am not that friend who has many the blessing of minister friends in different religions all practicing our Exercises daily. Thank you thank you, thank you for the gift if the inspiring examples of humanity in whatever centuries they manifest..❤

  13. What a Great Lent! Tim and Scott, your ministry and care for all of us in the Lent Maddness World Wide Viewing Public is a blessing! Many Thanks!

  14. SEC, you ought to have a way to pre-order the Golden Halo Winner Martha of Bethany Tenth Anniversary Commemorative Mug in the Lentorium!

      1. I'm glad to see it there. I noticed, though, that you do not have a hyperlink in the description. Instead, you have to click on the picture. All of the of the other products in the Lentorium have hyperlinks in the description of each product. It may sound picky, but for consistency's sake and also because I don't know if your worldwide fans would know to click on the picture, would you find it in your heart to make that change? I think you'll get more pre-orders that way. (Did that grab your attention?)