Monday Madness -- February 17, 2020

It's a special Presidents' Day edition of Monday Madness, in which Tim and Scott speculate on whether the long-clamored for Supremes' Day will ever come to fruition -- and wonder if it might be time for a Golden Halo Winners' Mountain similar to Mt. Rushmore. Anyone with mountainous property and a hand chisel is encouraged to contact Lent Madness HQ.

But, of course, there's much more saintly content packed into this compelling episode. Watch the entire show to learn how you, too, can become a Lent Madness evangelist at church, at home, and in the break room at work. Step one? Track Lent Madness on Facebook or Twitter.

This week's episode also features a shout-out for the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration in Dallas, Texas, where Lent Madness is all the rage. If your church has a Lent Madness display -- or something else we can talk up -- please let us know! Leave a comment here, or send a photo to the email address mentioned in the video. We'd love to make you famous on our Facebook or Twitter feeds.

You don't have to spend any money to play Lent Madness. But if you want to load up, it's not too late to get your very own giant bracket poster or Saintly Scorecard (single copy, bulk copies for savings, or ebook for your favorite Kindle device). Scorecards are as low as a buck each, and the bracket poster is only $10 if you buy two or more. Visit the Lentorium to see the full range of merchandise, including Golden Halo winner mugs. Call Forward Movement at 800-543-1813 during business hours, and a friendly person will help you figure out the best shipping option to make sure you get your stuff in time for Lent Madness.

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14 comments on “Monday Madness -- February 17, 2020”

  1. Hi Guys, I’m teaching Theology and Practice of Worship at Palmer Seminary this semester, and I gave everyone in the class a Lent Madness booklet and put up the poster on the wall outside my office. We’re all anxiously waiting the start of the Madness!

  2. Advent Lutheran in Morgan Hill, CA, does Lent Madness at Lenten Soup Suppers with the big chart, Defend Your Saint and lively debates! An MC moderates, while other readers share the texts.

  3. Getting excited for this 2020 lent madness to start, but because we moved after 51 years in our home, purging is a swear word and really do not need anything else in our new smaller home!
    The ALASKAN CRUISE Sept 2019 was wonderful, but, ANTARCTICA is still the tops for travelling for both of us!
    Till we start again, god willing!

  4. Hello!
    How do I participate/vote, receive daily updates etcetera? Do I need to register or simply follow on FB or Twitter?

    1. Welcome! Just log onto this website on the weekdays of Lent to vote. You can register on the homepage (top right) to receive daily emails. The content on FB and Twitter is purely optional.

  5. Oh thanks be to all the Saints and Holy Persons. In the last ten months I've experienced horrific symptoms of withdrawal from Lent Madness. With this dose, I might actually make it to Ash Wednesday.

  6. SaintsforSinners in New Orleans will be promoting Lent Madness to its Disciples and expects to bring many new folks to your Madness. No pun intended. As founder of SaintsforSinners, I think it is my duty to be Saint Martha of Bethany for Mardi Gras Day. Pictures to follow. rob clemenz

  7. Woo hoo! Trinity Episcopal Church in Pierre, South Dakota is on pins & needles waiting for the 2020 Lent Madness to begin! We have the large bracket poster prominently displayed in the parish hall and booklets available to all. Let the pursuit for the Golden Halo begin!

  8. I have tried to subscribe to Lent Madness several times -- last year I gave up and kept coming to the page -- this year I would like it to land in my email box. Any ideas of what to do?

  9. Happy almost Lent,

    Is there a way to print a simple 8&1/2 x 11 bracket page? The printer keeps spitting out only 1/16th of the bracket - in a gigantic font size.

    Hooray for Lent Madness! Thank you.