Monday Madness -- MLK Day Edition

With a mere 30 days until the start of Lent Madness 2021, Tim and Scott are back with an action-packed episode of Monday Madness! Of course, they discuss the legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, who memorably appeared in the 2013 edition of Lent Madness. How did he do? Check out this week's edition of Monday Madness to find out.

Naturally, Tim and Scott encourage you to prepare for Lent Madness by ordering your very own copy of the Saintly Scorecard. You can buy it for your Kindle or in paper. Maybe you want to buy them for your whole church or for all your neighbors. If so, you'll want the bulk price! Packs of ten are just $20, which means the Scorecards only $2 each. If you are buying three packs or more, the price plummets to just $15 for ten, which makes the Scorecards only $1.50 each. It's really crazy that they're that cheap.

If the full-color, fold-out bracket inside the Scorecard isn't big enough for you, you'll want to purchase a Lent Madness giant bracket poster. This huge poster is THREE FEET by TWO FEET. It's only eleven bucks if you buy one, and the price shrinks to just $10 if you buy two or more.

Of course, you don't need to spend a cent to enjoy Lent Madness. You can read up on the saints on the Lent Madness website once the season starts, and you can print out your own bracket on the Bracket tab of the site. However, you might like to enjoy the free website while you're sipping a coffee from your Lent Madness 2020 Golden Halo Winner Mug featuring Harriet Tubman. Lots of merch is available in the Lentorium.

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12 comments on “Monday Madness -- MLK Day Edition”

  1. I still have to put away my Christmas bits and pieces. Good grief. I shall be ready for Lent no matter what I do not get done at home. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Lent? Haven't we been in a multi-month Lent? Regardless, I'm up for some fun! Thanks Fr. Scott and Tim for bringing the joy.

  3. Wonderful to have your message and alert our amazing days to the early arrival of Lent 2021.
    I will likely be mostly online to participate

  4. It would be so helpful if you would issue a short press release (way shorter than the one from 2013 I just googled) for me to submit to our church newsletter editor.