Monday Madness -- February 8, 2021

Welcome to a special Viewer Mail edition of Monday Madness! You have questions? Tim and Scott have "answers."

In response to one such query, Scott explains how the Episcopal Church adds people to its calendar of saints.* The Supreme Executive Committee also shares the official Lent Madness coffee standard. Which means Tim gets to mention his book, Holy Grounds: The Surprising Connection between Coffee and Faith - From Dancing Goats to Satan's Drink, while simultaneously showing off the perfect mug out of which to drink your coffee, the 2019 Golden Halo winner mug featuring Martha of Bethany.

Printed Saintly Scorecards are sold out this year, but you can still get one for your Kindle. We also have giant bracket posters available. Is there a better way to spend $11 than getting a full-color printout of the saintly bracket? We think not.

Tune in for all the action -- plus more viewer questions -- RIGHT NOW!

* If you want to see the "Saintly Scorecard of the Episcopal Church," you can find the lineup of saints and biographies in the scintillatingly-titled volume, Lesser Feasts and Fasts 2018.

This is here for social media sharing or to print out and then wipe up coffee spills.

Monday Madness screen grab


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29 comments on “Monday Madness -- February 8, 2021”

  1. Please send me daily message regarding whose up for vote next and who has won on previous days (alas, I didn't get my hands on a scorecard this year). Thanks!!

    1. You can download the bracket - it's a PDF file and you can just print it out on your printer, or take it to your favorite copy shop (black and white works fine).

  2. Dear Scott and Tim (in alphabetical order),
    I am truly sorry you two are Arch Nemeses (I guess that's the plural of Nemesis) because I think each of you is a hoot and a half. And together, you're three hoots.
    Keep up the great work.

  3. A question...Sir Wilfred Grenfell is honored with a feast day ( October 9 ) on the liturgical calendar of the Episcopal Church USA. Is he eligible to compete in Lent Madness?

  4. Wouldn't the plural for nemesis be nemesi...rhymes with syllabi or octopi? (asking for a friend)

  5. Hi, Found out about this just recently. So excited to learn and participate with you. How do I vote?
    Any guidelines on how to judge the great battle?

    1. They send you an email each day after you sign up. No criteria for voting. I usually go with the person who I think had the most benefit to the world.

    2. After several days of consideration, I have decided to discern my vote. Will meditatively consider the haigographies . The saint whose calling, path, image, feel--or some other aspect that most compelled me most will be who I vote for. Only God knows who made it directly up the Ladder of Divine Ascent. Thanks for LM, I am excited to participate in my first year.

  6. Re Tim's book, for a variety of reasons outside my control having to deal with my professional credentials and my home parish deciding to do something which would violate those credentials, I now "attend" an Evangelical Lutheran church, and coffee is routinely referenced as the "third sacrament". And to credit the pastor -- when the coffee machine broke, I researched and provided a new coffee maker, so the pastor wanted to know (all in fun) whether there was a special Episcopal blessing related to coffee.

  7. Hi there, I have a question about the Feb. 26 match-up (I am making short videos for each day to do a variation of LM here at work). The "Theodora of Alexandria" for that day--is that going to be the "accused of getting a young lady pregnant and then raised the child; nobody knew she was a woman" Theodora, or the "lived in Alexandria, switched clothes with Didymus, beheaded" Theodora? I don't want to tell the tale of the wrong one! thanks

  8. I believe Joan of Arc has "competed" for the Golden Halo before. Are there any others in this year's line-up that have been-there-done-that-before like Joan?

  9. We ordered the 2021 Saintly Scorecards in bulk and I still have six unclaimed. If anyone would like a copy, please email me at TessaLucero at sbcglobal dot net.

  10. I think that I will refer to the battle of the Catherines as: Deli Duel
    Albert vs. Leo: GOAT Grapple
    Isadora vs. Simeon: Gentle Jingle
    Miguel Pro vs. Constantine: Power Punch
    Joan of Arc vs. Catherine Booth: Salvation Struggle

  11. Looking forward to my 3rd year participating. Something to really to look forward to daily this year!

  12. I've been doing this for more years than I can remember... back when young Oliver was always the first one to comment. Whatever happened to Oliver (other than just growing up probably...)?