Monday Madness -- March 1, 2021

Are Tim and Scott bitter about being snubbed (once again!) at last night's Golden Globe Awards? Obviously. Everybody knows Monday Madness is the finest Lenten show in the penitential world. The production values alone make it stand out in the crowded field of seasonal church telecasts.

But just as they suggest people who find fault with Lent Madness start their own online Lenten devotion, they're prepared to start their own awards show. Are you ready for the Lentys? Well, they're coming and we encourage suggestions for categories (add them to the comments).

In addition to bitterness, the members of the Supreme Executive Committee are here to talk about upcoming battles, whilst carefully avoiding the indignity of mispronouncing saints' names.

All that, and more, in this new and typically epic episode of Monday Madness. Now go start choosing a fancy designer for your walk down the virtual Purple Carpet.

This is here for social media sharing. It's also here in case you want to create memes or anything.

Monday Madness screen grab


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42 comments on “Monday Madness -- March 1, 2021”

    Best pronouncement of a saints name (that no one else could pronounce).
    Most attractive depiction of a saint.
    Life achievement award for the Saint with the greatest longevity.
    Saint whose monastic experience had the greatest effect on there life.

      1. Most miracles - while breathing.
        Most miracles prior to cannonization.
        Most miracles post cannonization.
        Most bizarre miracles (at any time)
        Patron saint of the most obscure group.

        I would have thought these were obvious categories.

  2. Love the idea of Lentys!
    Possible categories: (I may think of more ...)
    Best Kitch
    Most Insightful Blog (Saint/Author)
    Most Engaged Congregation
    Most Saintly Attribute
    Best Attire
    Most Unique Bio

  3. '- Episode or moment when Scott & Tim's shirts clashed the most
    - Person or persons with the most experiences of being star stuck to the point of stupidity when meeting a member of the Supreme Executive Council (not to brag, but I've done this twice)
    - best animal beloved by a saint

  4. While I like Lent Madness [and have subscribe this year], the Golden Globes were for last year - how soon they forget about Lent!

  5. Most saintly recently deceased children's television host ineligible for placement in the bracket because Presbyterians don't "do" saints.

    1. I would certainly vote for that particular saint. Perhaps we could posthumously make him an honorary Episcopalian??

      1. There is at least one Episcopal parish with a window dedicated to his memory. He and his more recently deceased wife worshipped there in the summer as it was near their summer vacation home.

    2. I like your nomination! I will again put Fred Rogers in for the Lent Madness next year.

  6. Tim and Scott, May this thought provide some comfort for your bruised hearts at not being nominated for a Golden Globe. Remember it is much nobler to facilitate the chase to the Golden Halo as opposed to a Golden Globe. 🙂

  7. Best Saintly Smack Talk - Social Media
    Best Saintly Smack Talk - Monday Madness videos
    Best Original Lyrics for Lent Madness Saint

  8. Thank you all. And now I close my eyes and sleep, hoping to dream of tomorrow's nominees.
    Good night...

  9. Category: Continuously Dumped
    for the Saint nominated numerous times and never
    chosen to be included in Lent Madness......

  10. The Lenty itself cannot be a golden globe (taken) nor a golden halo (reserved for saints .) How about a golden clergy collar? No, that would narrow the field too much.
    Maybe a golden thurible (censer)?....appropriate to deal with that odor of sanctity bit?

  11. Limericks in celebration of august members of the SEC in no particular order:

    A candidate for sainthood was Scott
    But sadly t'was not his lot
    Come judgement day, a fateful delay
    As someone had parked in his spot

    A candidate for sainthood was Tim
    Although his chances were slim
    He knocked on the door, he pounded the floor
    Turns out they were looking for Kim

  12. Best example of bi-location and/or transmogrification by a saint. Mostly I'd just like to hear Tim and Scott say transmogrification . . .

  13. I would like to know how much a recount would cost between the two Theodoras (or is it Thoedori?) .
    I think followers of the empress used their wealth and power to dump ballots.
    It is unjust how a patron of harlots & crossdressers lost to a patron of strippers and bear trainers.

  14. And the Lenty for longest comment goes to . . .

    And the Lenty for the most succinct comment goes to . . .

    And the Lenty for the best pun(s) in a comment goes to . . .

    And the Lenty for the comment containing the most sources cited goes to . . .

    And the Lenty for the best rewriting of a badly written bio goes to . . .
    [And yes I'm thinking of Maryam of Qidun.]

    There should also be in each round a Lenty for the Saint who got the most votes but was denied forward movement to the next round.

    My two denarii, your exchange rate may vary.