Insane Bargains at the Lentorium!

St Barbara on bargainsDid you know St. Barbara is the patron saint of warehouses? It's true! She didn't do so well in Lent Madness 2015, having lost to Thomas Ken in the first round in the epic Barbie vs. Ken battle that people are still talking about. Anyway, we sure hope we're still on St. Barbara's good side, because Forward Movement is moving from one warehouse to another. We could use St. Barbara's intercession as we pack up truckloads of stuff and set up in a new spot!

Forward Movement's logistical hassle is your gain! The warehouse move has occasioned a massive sale, including some bargains on Lent Madness items. Sale items are discounted up to 50%! Check out the whole sale, with over 60 items on sale!

Dietrich Bonhoeffer said cheap grace isn't worth much. But we wonder if even Bonhoeffer would love these cheap prices on fantastic resources. Here are a few examples of stuff that true Lent Madness fans will want to purchase.

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Madness Comes to Cyber Monday

At Lent Madness, we know a few things about Mondays. After all, we crank out brilliant new episodes of Monday Madness every week during the Lent Madness high season (aka Lent). During the rest of the year, 50% of the SEC (the one with Mondays off) focuses his Monday devotions on the eighth sacrament of coffee. So we Mondayologists were a bit nonplussed when internet culture tried to crash our Monday party with Cyber Monday. What to do?

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. So we at Lent Madness are pleased to announce Cyber Monday specials that can't be missed. Pull out your wallets. Then call your friends and neighbors and tell them to pull out their wallets. Today would be a good day to test out the parish phone tree or to send out a special breaking news email.

Dog in the MangerTim's latest book, Dog in the Manger: Finding God in Christmas Chaos, is available at a jaw-dropping and timely bargain price of just $5 from Forward Movement. The book features illustrations by Jay Sidebotham. You can even find -- hidden inside the book, like a treasure hunt -- a rare example of rapprochement among the archnemeses, in which Tim goes on record saying something nice about Scott. But buy the book for Tim's funny but spiritually helpful stories of God showing up even in Christmas chaos. It's so good, you'll be tempted to junk your usual same-old, same-old reading from St. Luke on Christmas Eve and use this instead. (We don't think you should do that, but that's how good this book is.)

Lent Madness Bracket Poster 2014Carrying over from Purple Friday, today is the last day to stock up on Lent Madness 2014 Bracket Posters. This is your last chance to buy these things for only $6. At that price, you can buy one for every parish in your deanery, one for everyone in your child's third grade class, and one for everyone in your Tuesday night poker game. Or whatever. The point is that you should buy at least a dozen at this bargain price. They're giant brackets printed on vellum and/or high-quality paper, shipped folded but miraculously unfolding into a spectacular 24" by 36" poster. Then go wallpaper your foyer.

There are more Cyber Monday specials from Forward Movement. Take note of FREE SHIPPING if you use code CYBER13 on your order. This is good on all Forward Movement products including Lent Madness mugs. Instructions for doing that are in the magical email flyer for Cyber Monday. This offer is good until 3:00 am EST (midnight in California) so place your order TODAY.

So, TGIM! and we're glad to bring Lent Madness into this Advent season of hope and expectation. And brackets.

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