Insane Bargains at the Lentorium!

St Barbara on bargainsDid you know St. Barbara is the patron saint of warehouses? It's true! She didn't do so well in Lent Madness 2015, having lost to Thomas Ken in the first round in the epic Barbie vs. Ken battle that people are still talking about. Anyway, we sure hope we're still on St. Barbara's good side, because Forward Movement is moving from one warehouse to another. We could use St. Barbara's intercession as we pack up truckloads of stuff and set up in a new spot!

Forward Movement's logistical hassle is your gain! The warehouse move has occasioned a massive sale, including some bargains on Lent Madness items. Sale items are discounted up to 50%! Check out the whole sale, with over 60 items on sale!

Dietrich Bonhoeffer said cheap grace isn't worth much. But we wonder if even Bonhoeffer would love these cheap prices on fantastic resources. Here are a few examples of stuff that true Lent Madness fans will want to purchase.

Check out the whole sale for bargains a-plenty. Beyond Lent Madness stuff, there are loads of resources for congregations and individuals. Forward Movement doesn't have many sales like this, so shop now. Prices are good while supplies last, and the sale ends this Friday, September 2.

Remember, Jesus the Supreme Executive Committee loves you more if you buy more stuff.


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3 comments on “Insane Bargains at the Lentorium!”

  1. I would love a Julian soup bowl, but is that the final image--an empty halo? It looks like a temporary logo. I am hoping the real thing has an affectionate portrait of her on the bowl, with or without saintly feline friend.

    1. It's a well-designed mug with her famous and comforting quote nicely displayed. It leaves her face (and that of her cat) to your imagination. I fill that silver halo with a smiling, Maggie Smith-ish dame and love the reminder that all shall be well.