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Juan Diego vs. Frederick Douglass

Today, Lent Madness offers us a tough choice between Juan Diego and Frederick Douglass. Their respective stories and legacies are compelling yet only one will advance to the Elate Eight. To paraphrase a best-selling book: Eat, Pray, Vote. Unless you’ve already eaten. In which case, just pray and vote.  Yesterday, in a hotly contested battle, Molly […]

Cuthbert vs. Molly Brant

We’re back! The Saintly Sixteen continues with a 7th century monk, bishop, and hermit vs. an 18th century Native American, consensus builder, and British loyalist. The round of Quirks and Quotes continues with Cuthbert vs. Molly Brant. In Friday’s Lent Madness action, Kamehameha of Hawaii defeated David Oakerhater 61% to 39% to advance to the […]

Kamehameha vs. David Oakerhater

The Saintly Sixteen continues with a Hawaiian king vs. the first Native American saint. Kamehameha takes on David Oakerhater as a man passionate about the medical care of his people faces a man whose Cheyenne name is translated “Making Medicine.” Regardless of the outcome, one thing is certain: one of Neva Rae Fox’s saints will advance to […]

Brendan the Navigator vs. Thecla

Welcome to the Round of the Saintly Sixteen! With Barbara’s defeat at the hands of Thomas Ken 67% to 33%, we’ve collectively narrowed the field down from 32 saints to 16. Now the truly hard work begins on the journey towards the 2015 Golden Halo.  Lent Madness, like Lent, is part endurance race and we […]

Thomas Merton vs. Charles Wesley

In the last battle before the start of the highly anticipated Elate Eight (aka the Saintly Kitsch round), Thomas Merton takes on Charles Wesley. Poet vs. hymn writer. Both were brothers, of course — one a monastic brother (Trappist) and one an actual brother (to John Wesley). It’s the final match-up of the Saintly Sixteen! […]

Harriet Bedell vs. Thomas Gallaudet

Since they were both teachers, among other things, Harriet Bedell vs. Thomas Gallaudet can mean only one thing: Educational Armageddon! The winner of this penultimate (we just love saying that word) match-up of the Saintly Sixteen will square off against Harriet Beecher Stowe in the next round. Yesterday Phillips Brooks defeated Catherine of Siena by […]

Phillips Brooks vs. Catherine of Siena

Today’s match-up features two saintly souls with devilish potential for misspellings. Calling Phillips Brooks “Philip” is like calling Johns Hopkins “John” while spelling Catherine’s home of Siena with two “n’s” rather than one is like spelling Saint Monnica with one “n” rather than two. Wait, what? Anyway, there’s a lot of spelling on the line […]

Lydia vs. John of the Cross

It’s hard to believe but we are now officially halfway through the Round of the Saintly Sixteen. Four more battles and we’re on to the Elate Eight. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. To savor each day and immerse ourselves in the match-up at hand is part of the Lent Madness discipline. […]

Anna Cooper vs. J.S. Bach

In a 2014 bracket quirk, Celebrity Blogger Heidi Shott is shepherding her “Killer B’s” through the Saintly Sixteen this week. Bach, Bedell, and Brooks are all doing battle over the next few days. Today we begin Heidi Week with J.S. Bach taking on Anna Cooper in a contest between an activist and a musician. One […]

Harriet Beecher Stowe vs. Alcuin

You know what’s great about today? (Well, besides the fact that it’s Monday and a lot of clergy — and half of the Supreme Executive Committee — have the day off). We begin an entire week of Saintly Sixteen match-ups! We kick things off with a 19th century laywoman taking on an 8th century deacon. […]