Monday Madness...on Tuesday

Everyone keeps saying 2020 is bringing unprecedented this and that. Well, here's one to add to the list. The Supreme Executive Committee is bringing you a brand-new episode of Monday Madness...on a Tuesday. Why? Because reasons.

In this action-packed episode, Tim and Scott discuss the all-new bracket for Lent Madness 2021. Yes, it has 32 saints --- that's nothing new. But this year's bracket offers groundbreaking (unprecedented!) new quadrants. Gather the kids and neighbors (outdoors, wearing masks, six-feet apart) around your computer and behold the new cinematic brilliance, which includes a new (very brief!) intro.

It wouldn't be a Monday Madness if you didn't hear about the Lentorium. Watch to get details on this year's Giant Bracket Posters, a bargain at $11. Buy two or more, and save! Also, this year's Saintly Scorecard includes tips for safely enjoying Lent Madness during a pandemic with full social distancing in your home or church. You can pre-order individual copies or buy them in bulk and save. Single copies are just $5, and if you buy in bulk, the price drops to just $1.50 per scorecard if you purchase three bundles of ten or more.

Of course, like the grace of Jesus, Lent Madness is free of charge. If you don't want to spend any money, you can visit the bracket tab of the Lent Madness website and print out your own bracket.

This is here for social media sharing. Also for social distancing, because you'll probably want to back up six feet from this photo of Scott and Tim.


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16 comments on “Monday Madness...on Tuesday”

  1. Lent Madness - bring it on! Lookin forward to a new season. Let the three-plus-month countdown begin!

  2. This cheered me up! I've been feeling that we need the spiritual support of the ancestors at this pivotal time in our country. I am praying Forward Movement's novena for the election, too.

  3. It's Tuesday? What? Does this mean now that Tuesday is a Wednesday, Wednesday is
    a Thursday, etc? I count on Lent Madness to increase my level of sanity ( certainly not my
    saintly deportment) so, keep up the good work, whatever that might be on whatever day!

    1. I love Shiloh Roby's organ playing at the end. It always makes me smile and on some days I even play it twice for an extra pick-me-up.

  4. I usually put a giant bracket poster on my dining room wall. My husband, luckily, has a sense of humor.

  5. We're trying to figure out a way to do Lent Madness at church- virtually - and would welcome hearing all suggestions and ideas. Yes, Zoom, but how? You are all doubtless more clever than us. Oh Supreme Executive Committee, and all our fellow followers, lend us your brains!

  6. Thanks for reminding us that Lent, and Easter, and humor, exist. Lent Madness helps overcome faithless fears and worldly anxieties. Can't wait!

  7. Looking forward to it! Hey, here's a thought. How about bringing back mugs from past Golden Halo winners? I got into this after Mary Magdalene won and I would really like a mug with her picture on it. 🙂

  8. Life in a country which actually observes COVID restrictions is pretty boring especially for us fossils who live alone. So scintillating banter from the US madhouse is much appreciated. Keep up good work! Yours faithfully, +Ann