Monday Madness -- February 1, 2021

What?! In an unprecedented move, the Supreme Executive Committee needs YOUR help. It's true! In this week's action-packed episode of Monday Madness, Tim and Scott solicit the advice of the Lent Madness global viewing public, as they put out a request to help name some of the epic themed battles of the 2021 competition. To succeed in making your mark upon this year's Saintly Smackdown, simply combine the ethos of professional wrestling with the ambiance of holy Lenten devotion in offering your suggestions. For consideration, add your ideas in the comments section.

They also share something of the structure of the 2021 bracket, including all-new quadrant names. If you're worried about seeing the quadrants on a tiny bracket, you can get a giant bracket poster (for just $11!) just like the one Scott waves around in the video. Sounds like a lot of great content, right? Well, that's not even all of it. You might have heard that the Saintly Scorecard is sold out, and that rumor is true. The good news is that Tim and Scott are here to tell you how you can get the scorecard on your favorite e-reader, tablet, or phone.

There's more, but we need to keep you intrigued so you'll watch the full episode.

This is here for social media sharing. Also, you can tape it up to your wall and throw darts at it, if you like.

Monday Madness screen grab


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59 comments on “Monday Madness -- February 1, 2021”

  1. well, i am not creative enough to come up with cool names for these "contests", but with the names you guys mentioned I still don't understand why Fred Rogers isn't included. Talk about a Saint!
    He may not be in a book, but why should that matter??

  2. As a Catherine, I’m thrilled to offer the straightforward
    for that matchup.
    For alliterative purposes, I propose

  3. Probably too gentile for a smackdown theme, (oh, and copyright infringement)
    but I like the simple Ted Talks for the Theodoras.

  4. Feb. 19th’s matchup should surely be “Pro vs. Con”.
    For Feb. 26th, perhaps “Theogony of defeat”?

  5. Did I hear there were gamblers in play?
    But they’re about

  6. Theodoras vie for Golden Fedora
    Holy Inebriates
    Wagering Wonders
    Esquire Dogpile

  7. theme title for Arnulf o Metz vs Vincent of Sargossa: Boozy Battle or Spirit(s)ual Smackdown

  8. I don’t have access to the details, but if any of the matchups are between those known for their humility, this comes to mind:

  9. Liquor Locker for patron saints of beer and wine
    FYI: Where it was locked up on ships and boats until you spliced the main brace

  10. Church of the Epiphany Vacaville CA is planning to embrace Lent Madness during the daily morning prayer service. We have been using Less Feasts & etc but are going to set up an in-house competition in addition to touting the daily competition. We are on Facebook live at 8 am pst six days a week.

  11. Well done SEC. Your efforts to spread the word and express the Good News Gospel are wonderful

  12. For the Theodora battle: TED Talk Takedown!

    For tje Catherine battle: Catherine Cage Match!

  13. I have 3 Saintly Scorecards that were not taken by church members. I am willing to mail them to anyone who is still wanting one. Just let me know!

  14. Yikes! I thought it had been well established, each and every year that Fred Rogers is brought up again, that the person ha to be a saint in some recognized church establisment. Can we get over him?

      1. Isn't there some sort of rule about how long a person has been dead in order even to start the beatification process? I'm afraid I won't live long enough to see Fred Rogers beatified--darn!
        Keep trying, folks! (But be patient)

        1. I think there should be an exception to Fred Rogers - he is a recognized saint in the eyes of millions of children and adults. Remember - WE are the church!