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Monthly Madness — All Brackets’ Edition

Sure, the regular season of Monday Madness begins just after Christmas. Okay, just after Valentine’s Day. But it’s never too soon to anticipate the thrills and drama of the Lent Madness season that is to come. After all, there are only 114 days days left until Ash Thursday! Fortunately, Tim and ScottĀ have taken some time […]

Monday Madness — Golden Halo Celebration Edition

It’s time for the annual Easter Monday Lent Madness post-game show with Tim and Scott. This episode celebrates the victory of Martha of Bethany, winner of the 2019 Golden Halo. You’ll also witness Tim messing up the intro but, well, it’s Easter Monday and he’s tired. Hence his drinking coffee out of a giant vat/vintage […]

Monday Madness — Faithful Four Edition

SEC Note: We recorded this week’s episode of Monday Madness this morning, before we knew about the devastating fire at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. Our prayers are with Paris, especially emergency responders, and all those in harm’s way. This week’s Monday Madness featured our very first-ever on-air guest, the social media powerhouse George T. […]

Monday Madness — Kitsch Krank Edition

As the giant purple Lenten clock ticks down to the start of the Elate Eight — aka the Round of Saintly Kitsch — Tim and Scott share their annual warning about Kitsch Kranks, the people who just can’t get on board with this level of fun and frivolity. In this week’s episode of Monday Madness, […]

Monday Madness — April 1, 2019

Despite the fact that it’s April Fools’ Day, Tim and Scott aren’t fooling around in this week’s episode of Monday Madness. Or at least not more than usual. In fact, after the incident of April 1, 2017, when some people were taken in by the SEC’s announcement that Lent Madness was canceled, we have learned […]

Monday Madness — March 25, 2019

On this Feast of the Annunciation, we are pleased to announce — albeit without the able assistance of the Archangel Gabriel — that it’s time for a new episode of Monday Madness! Yes, everyone’s favorite video commentary on the ins and outs of Lent Madness is ready to air. This week, Tim and ScottĀ (collectively, the […]

Monday Madness — March 18, 2019

Gather up the children, wheel in the elders, procure a giant bucket of purple popcorn, and settle in for this week’s all-new episode of Monday Madness. That’s right, folks, this is not the Lenten equivalent of a Law & Order rerun from 2002. This is a brand new episode filmed live on this very day! […]

Monday Madness — March 11, 2019

It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for another epic episode of Monday Madness, in which Tim and Scott bring you Oscar-worthy* weekly updates on Lent Madness action. As the name would indicate, the Supreme Executive Committee is extremely humble. In today’s episode, which they filmed on their knees, they leave their comfort zone to […]

Monday Madness — Celebrity Blogger Day Eve Edition

In this week’s edition of Monday Madness, Tim and Scott come to you live on the eve of Celebrity Blogger Day (a.k.a. #ShroveBloggerDay). Scott is at the chapel at Virginia Theological Seminary (what’s he doing there? tune in to find out!), which features an almost-golden halo over the altar. Tim shows off his Ash Thursday […]

Monday Madness — February 25, 2019

Friends, it’s time for a brand-new episode of Monday Madness, featuring what Lent Madness historians believe is the first-ever double video post! Yes, brace yourselves, settle in with a giant cauldron of popcorn, and enjoy TWO videos embedded in this single post. This week on Monday Madness, Tim and Scott discuss their shock at having […]