Monday Madness -- January 24, 2022

It's the moment you've been waiting for! Tim and Scott are back with an action-packed episode to kick off the 2022 Lent Madness season. Besides the usual delightful, yet appropriately penitential repartee, the members of the Supreme Executive Committee cover such important topics as online devotional safety and appropriate gifts for Valentine's Day. All that and more! Much, much more...

Although playing Lent Madness is, like grace, absolutely free, you can still add to the experience. If you want your own Absalom Jones Golden Halo 2021 commemorative mug, order it today. Stock, unlike grace, is limited. Update! The mugs are now sold out. Stay tuned to order your 2022 Golden Halo mug.

And you can get Saintly Scorecards (individual or bulk price) or bracket posters too. Unlike some items that have skyrocketed in price during the pandemic, the Lentorium still offers incredible bargains with no supply chain issues.

With just 37 days until the Lent Madness 2022 kickoff, it's time to start preparing by studying up on the saints and telling all your friends & neighbors about the world's largest (and best) online Lenten devotion.

Yes, we're back for another year of saintly thrills and spills. We hope you'll join us for another exciting Lenten adventure. Oh, and if you'd like to preview which saints made this year's bracket, click here.


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Monday Madness -- Easter Tuesday Edition

Proving, once again, they are accountable to no one, the Supreme Executive Committee has released Monday Madness on a Tuesday, whilst still calling it "Monday" Madness. Tim and Scott are here this week to celebrate the 2021 Golden Halo victory of Absalom Jones.

Absalom Jones mugYou might like to celebrate Absalom's victory with a commemorative 2021 Golden Halo Winner Absalom Jones mug. Enjoy your favorite warm beverage and treasure the memories of this year's Saintly Smackdown. Actually, buy two in case you break one!

By the way, if you're trying to round out your Lent Madness mug collection, we still have a few 2019 Golden Halo Winner Martha of Bethany mugs left. (vintage Lent Madness mugs are a sound financial investment, by the way - basically the ecclesiastical equivalent of Bitcoin)

Tim and Scott also remind everyone how to nominate your favorite saints for Lent Madness 2022. Sometime during Eastertide, the SEC will start Nominationtide, a weeklong season during which you may submit your nominations for the Lent Madness 2022 bracket. Each person is invited to submit ONE saint and say why that saint should be included. That's the one and only way to nominate saints, and it's happening in the next few weeks.

While you wait for Lent to start next year, you might like to pass the time by enjoying reflections for each day of Eastertide. Scott has written reflections for Eastertide, and they're being posted every day over on


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Monday Madness -- Faithful Four Edition

As Lent Madness reaches its peak excitement with the onset of the Faithful Four, Tim and Scott are back with another episode of Monday Madness. They give an overview of the Faithful Four and the coming Championship smackdown, but also assure you that the 2021 Golden Halo will be awarded in time for you to properly observe the latter part of Holy Week. Because Godliness comes before silliness. Or cleanliness. Or something.

Naturally, there's a bit of product placement, as Scott sips (single origin coffee*) from his 2019 Golden Halo Winner Martha of Bethany mug. You can get your own mug, too! And also a hint of what's coming for everybody's favorite ecclesiastical season of Nominationtide.

Even the Supreme Executive Committee, not known for their tiny egos or excessive humility, must admit that Lent Madness could not happen without legions of bloggers, writers, editors, researchers, marketers, bracket-keepers, videographers, poets, and more. Thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone who makes Lent Madness possible.

This is here for social media sharing and also so you can tape it to your fridge as a reminder to come back to this website on Wednesday to learn about its special name.


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Monday Madness -- Elate Eight Edition

We love alliteration here at Lent Madness HQ. So naturally, we're bringing you the Elate Eight Edition of Marvelous Monday Madness. Tim and Scott are back with another award-winning* episode of Monday Madness, in which they partake in a couple of annual traditions. And not just because they've run out of fresh material.

First, there's a bit of saintly kitsch show & tell, as we enter the round of saintly kitsch. Second, and like unto it, because we're at the kitsch round, we usually encounter a few Kitsch Kranks, the people who hate this part of Lent Madness. To that end, the SEC gives you the Summary of the (Lent Madness) Law. Again.

Would it even be an episode of Monday Madness without some product placement or high-pressure sales tactics? Now that it's spring, that means it's time for spring cleaning. Who better to invoke as the patron saint of spring cleaning than Martha of Bethany, famously overproductive domestic superstar? Fuel up with some caffeine from a Martha of Bethany 2019 Golden Halo winner mug. Your vacuum cleaner will thank you. Your dust mites will not.

* OK, sure, Monday Madness hasn't won any awards YET. But in our imagination we have several Oscars because they're so obviously deserved.


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Monday Madness -- March 15, 2021

In the go-go world of Lent Madness, the fun never ends. Don't believe us? Tune in to this week's episode of Monday Madness, which is both action-packed and fun-filled. OK, there's not much action.

Anyway, Tim and Scott are back with plenty to talk about as the Saintly Sixteen rolls on. You'll learn about a recent record-setting battLLLLe in LLLLLLent Madness. You'll see a shout-out to some big fans in Little Rock, Arkansas. And you'll get a timely reminder of the Summary of the (Lent Madness) Law.

For once, there's no product placement, but that doesn't need to stop you from browsing in the Lentorium. If you want some FREE entertainment, make sure you are enjoying Ellie Singer's epic TikTok videos. Find her on Twitter or TikTok.


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Monday Madness -- March 8, 2021

Last night, the world watched Oprah interview Harry and Meghan. Despite overtures from Oprah's people, Scott and Tim decided to forgo a moderator for the latest episode of Monday Madness. But the Supreme Executive Committee of Lent Madness is back with another action-packed, fun-filled episode of saintly merriment. Today they explain how the bracket of 32 saints is chosen, revealing heretofore secret details of the selection process. Perhaps even using the "Royal We" in the process.

They also answer a question from Twitter about the behind-the-scenes life of the Celebrity Bloggers. Oh, and Scott takes a sip from his Martha of Bethany 2019 Golden Halo winner coffee mug. Would it even be Monday Madness without some product placement?

Last, but not least, the Supreme Executive Committee again demonstrates its mastery of the Welsh accent.


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Monday Madness -- March 1, 2021

Are Tim and Scott bitter about being snubbed (once again!) at last night's Golden Globe Awards? Obviously. Everybody knows Monday Madness is the finest Lenten show in the penitential world. The production values alone make it stand out in the crowded field of seasonal church telecasts.

But just as they suggest people who find fault with Lent Madness start their own online Lenten devotion, they're prepared to start their own awards show. Are you ready for the Lentys? Well, they're coming and we encourage suggestions for categories (add them to the comments).

In addition to bitterness, the members of the Supreme Executive Committee are here to talk about upcoming battles, whilst carefully avoiding the indignity of mispronouncing saints' names.

All that, and more, in this new and typically epic episode of Monday Madness. Now go start choosing a fancy designer for your walk down the virtual Purple Carpet.

This is here for social media sharing. It's also here in case you want to create memes or anything.


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Monday Madness -- February 22, 2021

It's OK to enjoy things in Lent, especially right now when it's time to sit back and enjoy the latest episode of Monday Madness. Tim and Scott are back with another genre-defining episode. They review the battles of the week to come, including some fantastic themed contests.

There's also a shout-out to the wonderful fans of Lent Madness. The star this week is Ellie Singer, whose daily TikTok videos are stupendous. Follow @elliegsing on Twitter or TikTok to keep up. Oh, while you're there, make sure you're following @LentMadness on Twitter and Facebook.

Also, the Supreme Executive Committee is trying to set a record for the number of text effects used in one short clip. We're not sure if we've got the record, but we must be close.


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Monday Madness -- Last 2021 Pre-Season Episode!

It's time for the last pre-season episode of Lent Madness 2021. Tim and Scott are back with yet another Oscar-worthy episode of Monday Madness, even if the Academy has spurned them at every turn. So dim the lights, grab some popcorn, roll out the purple carpet, and prepare to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

There's still time to study up and fill out your bracket for Lent Madness 2021. You can visit the bracket tab of the website, and if you need your Saintly Scorecard, it's still available for your Kindle. New this year, Lent Madness fan Seth Reese created a wonderful site where you can enter your bracket picks and track your progress along with Lent Madness fans around the world. Visit to enter your bracket picks! Seth is an Episcopalian and tech wizard, and if you're looking for more wizardly, check out his consulting firm, Juniper Workshop.

Get ready for the opening contest of Lent Madness which comes your way at 8:00 in the morning (Eastern time!) on Ash Thursday, February 18. It's Camillus de Lellis vs. Matthias, in the Gamblers' Gambit!


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Monday Madness -- February 8, 2021

Welcome to a special Viewer Mail edition of Monday Madness! You have questions? Tim and Scott have "answers."

In response to one such query, Scott explains how the Episcopal Church adds people to its calendar of saints.* The Supreme Executive Committee also shares the official Lent Madness coffee standard. Which means Tim gets to mention his book, Holy Grounds: The Surprising Connection between Coffee and Faith - From Dancing Goats to Satan's Drink, while simultaneously showing off the perfect mug out of which to drink your coffee, the 2019 Golden Halo winner mug featuring Martha of Bethany.

Printed Saintly Scorecards are sold out this year, but you can still get one for your Kindle. We also have giant bracket posters available. Is there a better way to spend $11 than getting a full-color printout of the saintly bracket? We think not.

Tune in for all the action -- plus more viewer questions -- RIGHT NOW!

* If you want to see the "Saintly Scorecard of the Episcopal Church," you can find the lineup of saints and biographies in the scintillatingly-titled volume, Lesser Feasts and Fasts 2018.


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