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Monday Madness — March 23, 2020

As we find ourselves mired in the Saintly Sixteen portion of the Lent Madness season, Tim and Scott are back with another award-winning* episode of Monday Madness. In the midst of isolation and quarantine, they remind you that connection and community are available through Lent Madness. They also highlight (and comment upon) the Top Ten […]

Monday Madness — March 16, 2020

This week, even in the midst of a crisis that seems to bring new disruptions every day, Tim and Scott are here with another action-packed, fact-filled episode of Monday Madness. They remind you that Lent Madness will be here to offer you online community and a measure of joy just when many people are craving […]

Monday Madness – March 9, 2020

Things are heating up as we continue to work our way through the Round of 32 in Lent Madness 2020 — and we’re not just talking about the official drink of the Supreme Executive Committee, which Tim and Scott reveal in this week’s episode of Monday Madness. It’s worth noting, once again, that you never know […]

Monday Madness — March 2, 2020

In the first in-season episode of Lent Madness 2020, Tim and Scott offer globe-spanning, action-packed commentary for you, the Lent Madness global viewing public. They highlight the raging Lent Madness excitement in places such as Kuala Lumpur and Terre Haute, two locations which have, perhaps, never before been placed in the same sentence. At least […]

Monday Madness — February 24, 2020

Gather the kids and the neighbors! It’s time for the last pre-season Monday Madness episode for Lent Madness 2020. Tim and Scott dole out last minute advice on preparing for Ash Thursday, the traditional start to the annual Saintly Smackdown. Lent Madness launches on February 27 with an epic battle between Thomas More and James the […]

Monday Madness — February 17, 2020

It’s a special Presidents’ Day edition of Monday Madness, in which Tim and Scott speculate on whether the long-clamored for Supremes’ Day will ever come to fruition — and wonder if it might be time for a Golden Halo Winners’ Mountain similar to Mt. Rushmore. Anyone with mountainous property and a hand chisel is encouraged […]

Monday Madness — February 10, 2020

This week, in the aftermath of the Oscars, join Tim and Scott on the purple carpet as the world prepares for Lent Madness 2020. Despite being snubbed (again!) for Best Lenten-Themed Movie, the Supreme Executive Committee reminds viewers that, contrary to appearances, Lent Madness is, like grace, FREE. They also answer viewer mail and recount […]

Monday Madness — February 3, 2020

Well, friends, with the Super Bowl in the rearview mirror, it’s time for another action-packed episode of Monday Madness! This week Tim and Scott toss viewers a Hail Mary by explaining why it’s okay to play Lent Madness during the somber season of Lent. They also answer a “viewer” question about how they make a […]

Monday Madness — First In-season Episode!

Lent Madness 2020 begins ONE MONTH FROM TODAY! As the excitement continues to build for Ash Thursday on February 27, we know that you, the Lent Madness global viewing public, have been staring at your screens for weeks wondering when the 2020 Monday Madness season opener would come your way. Wait no more! Tim and […]

Monthly Madness — All Brackets’ Edition

Sure, the regular season of Monday Madness begins just after Christmas. Okay, just after Valentine’s Day. But it’s never too soon to anticipate the thrills and drama of the Lent Madness season that is to come. After all, there are only 114 days days left until Ash Thursday! Fortunately, Tim and Scott have taken some time […]