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  1. Celebrity Blogger Week: Hugo Olaiz

    As a member of the staff at Forward Movement, Hugo Olaiz is the ultimate Lent Madness insider. Not bad for a first time Celebrity Blogger. There is no truth to the rumor that Tim has placed Hugo at FM, to serve as a mole into Scott’s nefarious activities. None whatsoever. Keep moving. Nothing to see […]

  2. Celebrity Blogger Week: Laurie Brock

    Although Laurie Brock took St. Francis all the way to the Golden Halo last year, the SEC stubbornly refuses to sell St. Laurie garden statues in the Lentorium. It should also be noted that despite the fact that Laurie is a huge fan of Alabama football, the acronym SEC stands FIRST AND FOREMOST for Supreme Executive […]

  3. Celebrity Blogger Week: David Sibley

    No matter what else David Sibley accomplishes in his life, he will always be best known for shepherding Charles Wesley to the 2014 Golden Halo. In fact, we’ve already taken the liberty of writing the first line of his obituary: “The Rev. David Sibley, longtime Lent Madness Celebrity Blogger…” Okay, that’s all we have so […]

  4. Celebrity Blogger Week: Amber Belldene

    We’re excited that Amber Belldene will soon begin her third year as a Celebrity Blogger because, well, name another online Lenten devotion that can claim to have an Episcopal priest/romance writer on their team. Yeah, you can’t. Because we’re unique! Or at least Amber is. Read on! The Rev. Amber Belldene is a romance writer […]

  5. Celebrity Blogger Week: Derek Olsen

    “Is there a doctor in the house?” One of the reasons we invited Derek Olsen to join us on this Lenten journey as a Celebrity Blogger, was to be able to answer this question in the affirmative. If the excitement of the saintly smackdown causes you shortness of breath, be sure to call on Dr. […]

  6. Celebrity Blogger Week: Neva Rae Fox

    You think the Lent Madness publicity machine is impressive? I mean, what other online Lenten devotion has been on national TV, NPR, Sports Illustrated, and USAToday? Neva Rae Fox isn’t just a Celebrity Blogger but a public relations professional who has assisted the SEC in getting the penitential word out over the years. We’re grateful […]

  7. Celebrity Blogger Week: David Hansen

    Another day, another Lutheran?! Yup. Two of our new Celebrity Bloggers this year are Lutherans. David Hansen joins Beth Lewis as part of the Lent Madness Lutheran contingent. Fortunately, they will be using their respective computers to advocate for their respective saints rather than nailing theses to church doors around the country (not that there’s […]

  8. Celebrity Blogger Week: David Creech

    One of three Celebrity Bloggers named David (shockingly we have none named Goliath), David Creech is entering his third year as a Lent Madness contributor. As a professor with a fancy PhD, he makes us all appear to be smarter than we actually are. We are grateful for that, even if we’ve never been able to […]

  9. Celebrity Blogger Week: Megan Castellan

    Don’t let looks deceive you. Megan Castellan is a battle-hardened veteran of Celebrity Bloggerdom. Last year she shepherded Brigid of Kildare to the first ever Silver Halo, thus inspiring the popular Lent Madness Brigid pint glass. Along with her fellow long serving (suffering?) Celebrity Bloggers, David Sibley and Laurie Brock, Megan was recently awarded the […]

  10. Celebrity Blogger Week: Maria Nolletti Ross

    Although not technically a Celebrity Blogger, we are using the term “Celebrity Blogger Week” to highlight all the members of the Lent Madness Team. Maria is our Resident Foodie whose recipes, or Saintly Sprinkles, can be found in the Saintly Scorecard: The Definitive Guide to Lent Madness 2016. What’s that you say? You haven’t yet […]