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  1. Celebrity Blogger Week: Robert Hendrickson

    Congratulations! After today you have officially survived Celebrity Blogger Week. See? That wasn’t so hard. But first, our last but not least (or last shall be first depending on your perspective) CB. Read on. New to the world of Celebrity Bloggerdom, Robert Hendrickson promises to bring us to the mountaintop this Lent. Well, that’s not […]

  2. Celebrity Blogger Week: Adam Thomas

    All Lent Madness fans should be grateful for one of the true unsung heroes of Lent Madness, Bracket Czar Adam Thomas. Adam created the now iconic fancy bracket we use for our little saintly competition. A former Celebrity Blogger, Adam now enjoys a title that clearly impressed the search committee at St. Mark’s Church in […]

  3. Celebrity Blogger Week: Laurie Brock

    Entering her second year as a Celebrity Blogger, Laurie Brock is also the owner of Nina, the Official Horse of Lent Madness. Of course everybody in Kentucky owns a horse so we realize this is only a big deal to those outside the Bluegrass State. When she’s not riding, writing, snarking up the joint on […]

  4. Celebrity Blogger Week: Penny Nash

    Ever since 2011, the first year we invited four Celebrity Bloggers to participate in the Faithful Four (because Tim was exhausted from writing all the bios himself), Penny Nash has been part of the Lent Madness team. In other words, this will be the fourth straight Lent that she’s offered us a Penny for her […]

  5. Celebrity Blogger Week: David Sibley

    Everyone needs a Brooklyn hipster in his or her life. We’re not entirely sure former chemists qualify as hipsters but David Sibley is most definitely living in Brooklyn amongst the artisinal-everything loving hipsters. Sure, he’s actually from South Carolina but what’s a little geographical fudgery among friends? This is David’s second year as our youngest […]

  6. Celebrity Blogger Week: David Creech

    We’re glad David Creech took us up on our offer to serve as a Celebrity Blogger this year for two main reasons. First, he’s a Lutheran and this proves that we’re ecumenical. Second, when we inevitably hear someone yelling “Is there a doctor in the Lent Madness house?” we have David around to save the […]

  7. Celebrity Blogger Week: Laura Darling

    No, your eyes don’t deceive you. Today’s featured Celebrity Blogger looks an awful lot like a former CB named Laura Toepfer. We were going to do a whole separated at birth thing to confuse the Lent Madness faithful but decided to come clean. Laura got married after Lent Madness 2013; hence the name change. So […]

  8. Celebrity Blogger Week: Megan Castellan

    The celebrity parade that is Celebrity Blogger Week continues with second-year participant Megan Castellan. Megan has the distinction of being the only CB to blog from different parts of the country in consecutive years. Last year she was serving in Arizona and this year she calls Kansas City, Missouri, home. This wouldn’t be such a […]

  9. Celebrity Blogger Week: Amber Belldene

    For the second day in a row, we’re featuring a rookie during Celebrity Blogger Week. Amber Belldene is not your grandfather’s Episcopal priest (unless your grandfather’s Episcopal priest was also a romance writer), which is one of the reasons we’re jazzed she’s joined us for our pursuit of the Golden Halo. Some of you have […]

  10. Celebrity Blogger Week: Maria Kane

    Celebrity Blogger Week continues as we welcome a fresh face to the Lent Madness fold (not that the veteran bloggers have stale faces, mind you). Maria Kane is excited to be part of the Madness in 2014 and we’re excited she allowed us to twist her arm. Plus we told her she wouldn’t really have […]