Monday Madness -- February 24, 2020

Gather the kids and the neighbors! It's time for the last pre-season Monday Madness episode for Lent Madness 2020. Tim and Scott dole out last minute advice on preparing for Ash Thursday, the traditional start to the annual Saintly Smackdown. Lent Madness launches on February 27 with an epic battle between Thomas More and James the Less. It promises, more or less, to be the best Lent Madness opener ever!

Buying printed Lent Madness material is still possible at the Lentorium, but shipping costs could be high. The good news is that there's no shipping on the Kindle version of the Saintly Scorecard. So make sure you have the definitive guide to Lent Madness loaded on your device. If you see Scott or Tim, they'll be happy to autograph your iPad with a purple Sharpie.

This week's video also features some shout-outs to churches taking part in Lent Madness. This follows on the heels of this morning's blog post highlighting Lent Madness zeal around the globe. Now so far, we've shown Episcopal churches, but we know there are Roman Catholics, Methodists, Presbyterians, and more, playing along. Send us your photos, and we'll share them on our social media or maybe even in a future blog post or Monday Madness. Don't hide your Lent Madness light under a bushel basket!

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Monday madness screen capture


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27 comments on “Monday Madness -- February 24, 2020”

  1. I have been busy knitting and crochetting for Ash Wednesday and the rest of lent. Enjoying reading about the lives of the chosen Saints will be a welcome background to my efforts.

  2. This is my third season of Lenten Madness I am so excited for the new Lenten journey. Tim an Scott, your are the best ever! Love you oodles!!!! God bless and cheers to Our Madness!!

  3. More or Less we two, Jan Parks (who will turn 95 on Ash Wednesday, 2-26-20) and Sue Barnes (her nice who won't disclose her age) are regular participants of Lent Madness and will enjoy learning about this year's selection of wonderful saints. Thanks you Tim and Scott.

    1. Unfortunately not. But we've heard of a number of folks over the years reading entries to friends and loved ones who had trouble with their eyes. It's a great ministry if you can find a willing partner!

      1. Tim is right. My Aunt Jan and I share a vote and I read the material on each bracket pair to her over the phone, (I am in TN and she is in CA) we disscuss and choose and I cast our vote. It is a great way to learn, share and keep close.

  4. I just downloaded the Kindle version—I waited too log for the hard copy.
    But that leaves me without a usable copy of the bracket page.
    Is there any way to get it as a pdf file?

    Grace Cangialosi

  5. Seeing the countdown clock in the upper right corner of this page made me laugh. Thanks for the Lent levity!

    1. Thanks for the link. Until seeing that although I knew he had adopted I didn’t think about that as an indication of his willingness to care for others. I got goosebumps several summers ago when I stood on Tower Hill where this family man was executed. Guess you can tell for whom I’ll vote!

  6. Since I found out our Presiding Bishop participates in Lent Madness,
    I feel its OK to continue in spite of the fun !!!

    1. You don't have to sign up, just visit the homepage each day, read the post, and the vote buttons will be at the bottom, just before the comments. (Do read the comments!) And/or, you can enter your email address in the window on the right side of the page (just under the countdown clock) and I guess the system will send you a daily email with a link to the vote page. I haven't tried that so can't tell you how exactly it works. Hope to see you in the comments daily!

  7. It's the year of Elizabeth. There is an Elizabeth in all quadrants of the bracket. So it is possible for the Faithful Four to be a battle of the Elizabeth's. Haven't read my Saintly Scorecard yet but my oldest niece is Elizabeth so I'm hoping for this to happen. 🙂