Ives of Kermartin vs. Arnulf of Metz

At the midway point of the Elate Eight, the onslaught of saintly kitsch continues as Ives of Kermartin squares off against Arnulf of Metz. To get to the Elate Eight, Ives bested Jacapone da Todi and Dunstan, while Arnulf took out Vincent Saragossa and Egeria.

Yesterday Absalom Jones advanced to the faithful four, taking down Catherine Booth 55% to 45%.

Time to head to the voting booth!

Ives of Kermartin

St. Ives of Kermartin, St. Yves, St. Ivo, St. Yvo, St. Erwan, St. Iwan, St. Youenn, St. Eozenn, Yves Hélory.

Advocate of the Poor, Defender of Widows, Ideal of the Legal Profession, Patron Saint of Attorneys.

Ives is known by many names and honorary titles. Nonetheless, his dedication to the law and devotion to fairness while meshing with his faith are admired, heralded, and emulated. Remarkably, you’ll see  tributes to Ives pop up in all sorts of places.

In the United States and throughout Europe to the Middle East, legal organizations are named in his honor. The Society of St. Yves is a Catholic human rights organization based in Jerusalem. St. Ives Chambers is a law partnership in London, and the Conférence Saint Yves, or the Association de la Saint Yves Lyonnais, is the Luxembourg Catholic Lawyers Association.

Schools named for him include St. Ivo Academy in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom, and Saint Ivo's College in Belgium was founded 1483 (that’s more than 500 years ago!).

His image shines in stained glass windows and his face has graced canvasses by such great artists as Rogier van der Weyden, Lucas van Uden, Josse van der Baren, Jaques Jordaens, and Jacopo da Empoli. A church is named for him in Brittany, France, while an ornate wall hanging is featured in Waldkirch, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

A delightful Ives sculpture is located on the campus of Northwestern University in Chicago, while there is an impressive statue of him in Prague.

You can read about him in “Law, Justice and Mediation: The Legend of St. Yves.”


France honored Ives in 1956 with a stamp.

You can view his relics, including his skull, in Treguier in France.

To keep Ives close to you, wear a shirt emblazoned with the school motto, frame and hang painting reprints, drink from a, Ives mug, or keep from losing your keys with a key chain featuring his visage.

--Neva Rae Fox

Arnulf of Metz
Saint Arnulf of Metz (582-685) has inspired many over the centuries. And so whether it’s a signature IPA, an Imperial Stout, an OctoberFest Ale, or their magnificent Root Beer, pour yourself a glass of Saint Arnold’s into your “Bless me father for I have beered” pint glass and celebrate Saint Arnulf (Arnold) of Metz, patron saint of brewers.

Remembering the royal offspring that would come from Arnulf, we will make sure to dress appropriately for our celebration: put on a t-shirt bearing one of Arnulf’s great quotes: “From man’s sweat and God’s love, beer came into the world.” If you’re feeling fancy and festive, you might even put on these amazing “beerings” with the image of the Saint on them.

At the end of the day, you may find yourself too worn out for the drive home – perhaps you even spent too much time following Arnulf’s advice: “Don’t drink the water, drink the beer.” Being a safe and good citizen, you call for an Uber. Who could expect that the Saint Arnold art car would take you safely back to your home? All eyes are on you as roll through the streets of Houston in this mobile masterpiece.

Coming home, you recall Arnulf’s hospitality to the poor travelers who came to Metz – the ways in which he gave warmth and shelter to them all. You wrap yourself in your blanket that is adorned with the Coat of Arms of Arnulf’s powerful descendant Charlemagne, and prepare to rest for the night.

--David Hansen

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86 comments on “Ives of Kermartin vs. Arnulf of Metz”

  1. For St. Ives of Kermartin, each case
    Was a challenge he faced with good grace;
    Not a box (you may fear)
    Holding twelve cans of beer,
    But a chance to help justice take place.

    1. No easy feat. Congratulations on 26 years. I too voted for St. Ives, with prayers for a country of laws and justice.

      1. At last! That was the first line that entered my head when St. Ives came up, and I‘ve been amazed not to see it before. (Of course, I haven‘t been scouring the comments.) I sent the matchup to my daughter the Philadelphia lawyer, but she writes that she‘s ‚way ahead of me, and of course voted for Ives.

  2. In 2015, Bridget won The Silver Halo and we had a pint glass in her honor. I treasure mine! Remembering Bridget, the Lake of Beer, and the pint glass, today, I need to vote for Arnulf! (maybe we'll get a second pint glass this year). Great kitsch for both today!

    1. There was also a pint glass when Dietrich Bonhoeffer won the golden halo in 2016. I would welcome a third glass.

  3. Yet another brilliant limerick to start the day! Craft beer snob that I've become in my old age, I managed to tamp down the urge at this early hour and cast my vote for a later with a great heart who fought for real justice.

  4. While i do love beer, I am a widow and voted for St. Ives. In deed of ongoing compassion.

  5. Love the kitsch for both—best set yet to bring a chuckle in the morning! St. Ives for me today.

  6. I had already decided to vote for Ives in recognition of his contribution to law and justice and the well balanced write-up helped to confirm my choice. On the other hand, St. Arnulf is not as well served by today's discussion. The emphasis on kitsch detracts from his generous hospitality and the fact that encouragement of beer drinking was essentially a public health measure and probably saved many people from infection from a poor water supply.

    1. It all now is clear. We are in such trouble in the US. And we reveal the cause by voting for the patron Saint of lawyers over the patron Saint of brewers.

      1. LOL, But I voted for St. Ives out of respect for the lawyers that have helped me both directly and indirectly. The kind lawyer who helped me thru a divorce and kept it amicable and fair to us both. The many lawyers unknown to me whose advocacy and hard work has ensured that special needs children have educations and God bless those lawyers who advocate for civil rights daily.
        It doesn't hurt that I dont like beer , either! LOL

  7. No contest for me. While I recognize the importance of alcohol in ancient times to provide safe beverages, and to sterilize wounds, in a pinch, alcohol is dehydrating -- which rather defeats the purpose. It's also a depressant, the last thing anyone needs. I'm a "less drinking, more thinking" advocate.

    "...dedication to the law and devotion to fairness while meshing with his faith..." wins it for me.

  8. I remembered that St Arnulf's story was ever so much more than just beer, and even the part about beer was more about public health (the water wasn't safe to drink) and less about partying. With some regret, I'm casting my vote for St Ives today because the good saint got lost in the alcohol today.

  9. As I was going to St Ives (that's in Cornwall, UK, btw)
    I met a man with seven wives.
    Every wife had seven sacks
    Every sack had seven cats
    Every cat had seven kits.
    Kits, cats, sacks and wives -
    How many were going to St Ives?

    Answer - one (check the first line)

    Love the saintly kitsch week!

    1. Thank you, Sue Goodman, for posting the poem. It was the first thing that came to mind when I saw that St. Ives was a "contestant".
      That isn't the reason I voted for him, though it helped. My older son is a lawyer, one of the good ones, so I've been voting for Ives all along.

    2. I was looking for someone else who remembered the nursery rhyme. It was my first "kitschy" thought. Was surprised not to find it in the write-up.
      I vote for St. Ives--my husband is lawyer, retired--also one of the good ones. But also because of the nursery rhyme. But I do like good beer, especially our local "Two-hearted IPA" from Bell's brewery.

      1. Bell’s Two-Hearted is the best! It finally came back to us here in Virginia (I’m from the great state of Michigan) just a few months ago. Much rejoicing!

    3. Kitten season is rapidly approaching. If any of the Lent Madness group would like a kitten, or a cat with 7 kittens, I'm sure your local rescue or shelter can oblige. Often they need foster homes where a litter of kittens can stay for a few weeks between weaning and spay/neuter, to be socialized and to get used to being in a house. We have fostered many a litter in the last few years.

    1. I recall from the Round of 32 that St Ives of Kermartin and St Ives of Cornwall are different saints. (John Cabot's excellent limericks are almost as sticky as nursery rhymes.) Here is the link, although no details on the St Ives of Cornwall: https://www.lentmadness.org/2021/03/jacapone-da-todi-vs-ives-of-kermartin/ According to Wkikpedia, St Ives of Cornwall is named for St Ia of Ireland--I may need 7 cats and 7 beers to explain how to get "Ives" from"Ia."

  10. While I love the kitsch round, I make my decision based on information gleaned from the previous two rounds. Both are worthy candidates for the Golden Halo, but my vote will go to Ives, a lawyer who advocates for the poor and outcast.

  11. I want to know where I can get a super cool St. Ives mug like that. Please, dear Lent Madness crew.

  12. I had to vote for the underdog. And I believe God has a sense of humor and a great love for the poor so Arnulf gets my vote today.

  13. While Arnulf’s kitsch is outstanding, I have to go with St. Ives, to honor my ancestral home in Cornwall .

  14. I like the car and believe I have had the root beer, but the amazing “beerings” with the image of the Saint on them were not pictured. Maybe the image of that particular kitsch would sway my vote away from Saint Ives, or maybe not. And speaking of St. Ives, I'm surprised that there was no mention of the skin care products company that shares his name.

    I'm voting for Saint Ives in hope that he might help me find some of the oh-so-elusive St Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub.

    1. Alas, this is probably why St. Ives Facial Scrub is not mentioned: Unfortunately for consumers, use of St. Ives as a facial exfoliant leads to long-term skin damage that greatly outweighs any potential benefits the product may provide. St. Ives' primary exfoliating ingredient is crushed walnut shell, which has jagged edges that cause micro-tears in the skin when used in a scrub. (Jan 23, 2019)

      1. The facial scrub equivalent of a hair shirt?

        I prefer the scrubs with walnut shell or apricot pits because they're not releasing microplastics into the wastewater. Most exfoliant scrubs have plastic beads in them and they are horrible for the environment.

  15. Because my youngest son married the love of his life at the St Arnold’s brewery in Houston, it’s St Arnulf for me. It is a great place and that was a wonderful evening.

  16. I'm still drowning my sorrows over Arnulf's upset victory over Egeria, and the world today is in sore need of compassionate advocates for the poor and oppressed, so Ives it is.

  17. Help! I need paint of root beer and a lawyer to help decide! I want to vote for both of them!!!!

  18. A tough one today! I even went back to read the original write-ups on both, through the group of 32. Still undecided, I'm going with the hope of another pint glass to go with my Bonhoeffer glass.

  19. I liked the St Ives hand lotion! But I voted for Ives because we do need more advocates for those oppressed and poor!

  20. I prefer less sweat and more of God's love in my beer! This is always my favorite round of Lent Madness! Thanks to the bloggers for all their work digging up fun kitsch!

  21. I also went back to the original posts, and this seems like a dead-even match up. I went with Arnulf because he seemed to be more of the person I'd like to raise a glass with. And that CAR!!! Wow!

  22. i had to go back and look at the original entries for each, and the collect for Arnulf tipped it for me: "Give abundantly to all pastors the gifts of your Holy Spirit".

  23. I covet that ArnoldMobile (outstanding job, David Hansen, and is that you holding the root beer?), but in the name of so many gunned down in the US, a country with no laws to protect people from mass murderers (unless they are brown immigrants, and then suddenly "law and order" and"freedom" are on the lips of every white supremacist senator), I call on St. Yves to establish some document, like . . . a "constitution," for this failed state, one which would admit migrants and ban guns, that is, create A More Perfect Union for God's people under the sun.

    1. Hear, hear! One of my best friends is an attorney serving on the border with Mexico to provide representation for those currently waiting for a resolution to their cases, so I am backing St. Ives in her honor, even though I do have a fondness for the occasional beer. I don't know if I can get St. Arnold's beer around here, but I'll find out!

  24. Finally, Catherine is gone! Poor St. Ives must’ve been schizophrenic to have all those names. Enough said, Arnulf is the saint of the day, but I’ll wait til supper to celebrate with a glass of Yuengling.

  25. Listen, as someone raised just outside of Houston and a big fan of Saint Arnold's Brewery, I gotta hold it down for H-Town and go with Arnie