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Celebrity Blogger Week: Robert Hendrickson

The final Celebrity Blogger to be highlighted is Robert Hendrickson. Since Robert was apparently too busy in his new position as Acting Dean of St. John’s Cathedral (the dean was recently elected Bishop Coadjutor of the Diocese of Southeast Florida) to answer our questions, we have taken the liberty of answering for him.   The […]

Celebrity Blogger Week: David Sibley

David Sibley holds the distinction of being the youngest Celebrity Blogger. Again. But what he lacks in chronological age he makes up for in shoe size. Since he’s also the tallest Celebrity Blogger. Having recently moved from Brooklyn to Long Island, David did forego his status as our hippest Celebrity Blogger. But fear not. In […]

Celebrity Blogger Week: Laurie Brock

In Laurie Brock’s case, the “horse you rode in on” has a name. And that name is Nina. She is the only Celebrity Blogger that owns a horse. Though on more than one occasion a member of the SEC has been likened to the back end of such an animal. The Rev. Laurie Brock is a […]

Celebrity Blogger Week: Laura Darling

For the second day in a row, we’re featuring a Celebrity Blogger from California. This has nothing to do with Tim’s pining for sunshine amid the 75 inches of snow that has fallen on Hingham, Massachusetts, in the past two weeks. Laura Darling was an early adopter of Lent Madness when it began in 2010 […]

Celebrity Blogger Week: Nancy Frausto

As one of two Celebrity Bloggers hailing from California (give us a break, it’s a BIG state), Nancy Frausto has yet to rub the beautiful, warm sunshine in the face of the one member of the SEC who has been buried in snow the last couple of weeks. This shows either incredible self-restraint or a […]

Celebrity Blogger Week: David Creech

David Creech is not a Lent Madness Celebrity Blogger simply because he’s our token Lutheran. Really. It’s because he’s a real, live doctor. Whenever you’re watching the latest version of Monday Madness and you’re just so blown away by the high production values that you faint, someone will inevitably yell, “Is there a doctor in […]

Celebrity Blogger Week: Maria Kane

And we’re back with our next Celebrity Blogger to make your Monday morning even brighter than it already is, infused with the knowledge that Lent Madness begins in just nine days. Maria Kane is a second year CB who may or may not drive around suburban Washington, D.C. with one of those Native Texan bumper […]

Celebrity Blogger Week: Maria Nolletti Ross

It’s really too bad the pages in the back of this year’s Saintly Scorecard aren’t of the scratch ‘n sniff variety. Because you’ll find six delectable “Saintly Sprinkles” — recipes from Lent Madness Resident Foodie Maria Nolletti Ross. All the recipes have connections to saints. While we agree that they’re all mouth-watering, please don’t drool on the full-color, glossy, […]

Celebrity Blogger Week: Megan Castellan

CBW (that’s the hipster acronym we just coined) continues with veteran Celebrity Blogger, Megan Castellan. When Megan first started with us she was a priest in Arizona. Now, she’s in her second year of life and ministry in Kansas City, Missouri. See, we told you Lent Madness was transcontinental! Unless, of course, it’s illegal to transport […]

Celebrity Blogger Week: Adam Thomas

We’re not sure if you can actually be an unsung rock star, but when it comes to Lent Madness, Adam Thomas is just that. That fancy bracket design we’ve been using since 2012? Adam. The usefully awesome match-up calendar? Adam. The updated hyperlinks following each battle of Lent Madness? Adam. The SEC is ever grateful for […]