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Monday Madness — March 18, 2013

As we head into the action- and kitsch-packed Elate Eight, Scott and Tim offer another fun-filled episode of Monday Madness. This week, they warn the viewing public about the dangers of kitsch. While recording, Scott gets a phone call — which gives the SEC a chance to promote their gift to you: free Lent Madness […]

Benedict of Nursia vs. Dorothy Day

Welcome, friends, to the last full week of Lent Madness. Today we get the final match-up of the Round of the Saintly Sixteen. Then Tuesday through Friday we’ll experience the four battles of the Elate Eight as we encounter the controversial mirth of saintly kitsch. More about that tomorrow. But first it’s Benedict of Nursia […]

A Letter to the Supreme Pontiff from the Supreme Executive Committee

Dear Pope Francis, First off, congratulations. We think you’re off to a great start as the Bishop of Rome and Supreme Pontiff, and we know a bit about being Supreme in the religious world. Like you, we are accountable to no one and our selection process is mysterious. Unlike you, we favor purple limos instead […]

Music for your ears

Because the Supreme Executive Committee cares about you, the Lent Madness public, we are offering you a gift. Specifically, we are giving the gift of Lent Madness music to those of you with iPhones and Android phones. Now you and everyone around you can think of Lent Madness whenever you receive various robocalls and misdials. […]

Martha of Bethany vs. Harriet Tubman

A day after Florence Li Tim-Oi left Gregory the Great chanting to himself in despair, we have a clash of two women, one Biblical and one modern. Martha of Bethany and Harriet Tubman are duking it out for a chance at Hilda of Whitby (and NO this is not a conspiracy to have these worthy […]

Gregory the Great vs. Florence Li-Tim Oi

A day after the election of a new pope, the only pope in the bracket, Gregory the Great, digs in his (red, Prada-covered) heels against Florence Li-Tim Oi, the first female priest in the Anglican Communion. To make it to the Saintly Sixteen, Gregory defeated Martin of Tours and Florence bested, nay demolished, Chad of […]

Martin Luther King, Jr. vs. Frances Perkins

In a rare battle of contemporaries, Martin Luther King, Jr. takes on Frances Perkins in today’s Lent Madness match-up. Will quirks, quotes, or a combination win the day? To get to this point, MLK had to fend off his namesake, Protestant Reformer Martin Luther, while Frances Perkins felled Hawaiian Damien of Molokai. More questions: Will […]

Luke the Evangelist vs. John Donne

Today’s match-up pits two writers against one another. Evangelist vs. Poet. In other words if you’ve ever experienced the agony of writer’s block, this battle’s for you. No one seemed to experience voter’s block yesterday as Hilda of Whitby held off a feisty Ignatius of Antioch to advance to the Elate Eight. She’ll face the […]

Monday Madness — March 10, 2013

This week, Tim and Scott bring you the latest in the swirling controversy of Lent Madness. Is this, in fact, an effort to torpedo the Obama administration? Or is it a liberal conspiracy? And what is the connection, if any, to the dangerous lives of Celebrity Bloggers? Finally, will the Supreme Executive Committee be at […]

Hilda of Whitby vs. Ignatius of Antioch

Welcome back, friends, to Lent Madness and the third match-up in the Round of the Saintly Sixteen. We’ll continue all week with this round featuring quirks and quotes from our saintly contestants. Today Hilda of Whitby takes on Ignatius of Antioch in a clash of influential figures about 600 years apart. To get to this […]